But Beiser reveals a different–in fact, opposite–impulse: an attempt to limit the The Taxonomy of German Idealism I. KANT’S CRITIQUE OF. Frederick C. Beiser presents a study of the two most important idealist Trendelenburg and Lotze dominated philosophy in Germany in the second half of the. Sator said: The most impressive book on German idealism I have ever read. he traces the structure and evolution of idealism as a doctrine, Frederick Beiser.

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Aren Lerner rated it really liked ideqlism Sep 22, Schelling’s Absolute Idealism 1. Nature involves historical and dynamic processes that are, at the very least, analogous to higher human spiritual activities.

The First Refutation of Idealism 3. Realism in German Idealism 2. Namely the problematic relationship of subjectivity to objectivity in the works of Kant, Fichte, Jena romantics and Schelling.

The Small but Real Differences? This account of German Idealism is by no means a mechanical survey of the period that merely summarizes previous work. The Critique of Fichte 4.

The Status of the Transcendental 1.

The Problematic Status of the Categories 2. The Methodology of Naturphilosophie. II Fichtes Critique of Subjectivism. This is a great book for undestanding the epistemological questions driving Kant’s critical philosophy, including the question and challenges posed by the empiricism of Berkeley and Hume.


German Idealism — Frederick C. Beiser | Harvard University Press

The Fichtean versus Kantian Refutation 3. Freedom and Subjectivity 1. Preview — German Idealism by Frederick C. This entry has no external links. The Final Line of Defense. I have also argued that, despite obvious differences, there are many parallels between Kant’s general philosophical position and Platonism. Youth and Education Zittau and Leipzig, 3.

This is a very different issue and not one that I see as central for understanding Kant see also p.

German Idealism: The Struggle Against Subjectivism, 1781– 1801

Classical, Early, and Medieval Prose and Writers: Find it on Scholar. Quee rated it it was amazing Mar 27, Search my Subject Specializations: I Kants Critique of Idealism. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Jul 29, Sator rated it it was amazing. Dogmatic Idealism in the Antinomies 5. There is still one respect in which Fichte’s concept differs from Kant’s: The first pair, the Cartesian and Representationalist charges, are surely offbase from the start.

The Battle against Skepticism 1. The Question of Consistency 5. Fichte and the Thing-in-Itself. The Doctrine of Inner Sense 6.

Its four parts can each be regarded as significant works of their germaj, concerning, in turn 1 Kant, 2 Fichte, 3 absolute idealism, and 4 Schelling. Beiser’s own analysis of the opus postumum in these terms p. Frederick Beiser Syracuse University. I actually quite enjoyed reading this, with the only part becoming burdensome being the explanation of Schelling’s philosophy of nature, which is fairly obscure and outdated nowadays, even if it did play a leading part in the development of absolute idealism.


It is impossible to not only read Kant and the Jean school but the whole of the post-Husserlian phenomenologists except in the icealism the history of post-Kantian thought and its development as well The most impressive book on German idealism I have ever read.

David Hume, Transcendental Realist 2. Realism in the Refutation 5. The Elements of Magical Idealism 5. Adolf Trendelenburg and Rudolf Lotze. The Dramatis Personae 2. This limitation has to be kept in mind beiesr when reading the part on Kant, which is by no means meant as an exhaustive account of Critical philosophy.

Late German Idealism

Knowledge of Freedom 1. Oxford Scholarship Online This book is available as part of Oxford Scholarship Online – view abstracts and keywords at book and chapter level. Frederick Beiser Syracuse University.

Books by Frederick C. Kant and the Way of Ideas 1. The Strategy for the Defense 3.

Defenders of the Unborn Daniel K. Print Save Cite Email Share. Finally, there is the view that covers everything in between, which can be called the Mixed Middle. The Dispute in the Aesthetic 4.