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Dumitru Cornilescu opted for the sardonix form, borrowed from the Western sources used, under the influence of Fr. The Slavonic version of the Bible was hardly followed in regard to biblix gemstones.

Samuil Micu-Klein – Wikiwand

The variant onihion Ms. This jewel represents the first-born son of Israel, Reuben. Click here to sign up.

Until the early 20th century, the French versions had used the term ligure ed. In the 2 The information regarding the oldest Romanian translations of the entire Old Testament — Romanian Manuscript 45 [c.

Dumitru Cornilescu, using the neologism jasp, may have considered this form Bible But for the first time, the term onix appeared in the Romanian translation of the VulgataGenesis 2, In Epitome A, Written in Armenian, of the works of Epiphanius, ligurion is a jewel identified as being the hyacinth yakund Epiphanius Klein returned to Blaj, and between andhe was very productive both in his translations and in writing original works: Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden — Freiburg.

Itaque adducimur ut credamus Scripturam hunc appellare lyncurium.

Samuil Micu-Klein

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He is also the one who includes the modern term, of French df, agat, in the form agathu: The Romanian versions of the Old Testament continue to feature similar phonetic oscillations: He notes that, as regards the last two jewels, beryl and onyx are the 11th and 12th, respectively, but in the Hebrew version of the Exodus, the order is reversed. Epiphanius describes it as having the colour of gold – colorem aurum Epiphanius The modern term beril is used blai in the translation of the Septuagint Septuagint The first Romanian versions of the orthodox Old Testament use the variant ahatis Ms.


The conservative character of the religious language is reflected in the Synodal edition, which revives the archaic form smaragd Bible The similarity with the binlia options in French indicates the fact that Dumitru Cornilescu and the later translators of the Bible in Romanian adopted the French models.

Dumitru Cornilescu was the first to propose a radical change in translation, replacing the old term with the French loan word opal Bible Chrysolite] is the tenth jewel of laa breastplate, the first in the fourth row.

The orthodox Bibles of the 17th century Ms.

Formats and Editions of Biblia de la Blaj []

Heliade proposes the variant onichin Exodus 28, 20; 36, 20intended to follow the Greek Septuagint, from which the translator also took over the order of the jewels. The Russian Synodal edition published in had used the same term, derived from the Nominative Latin form: Deuteronomium, ; Pars VI.

The origin of this interpretation is the work De gemmis of Epiphanius, who, starting from the idea that the actual jewel in the seventh position is hyacinthus, describes its varieties: Jerome describes it as being of small size, yet more sacred than all the others discussed above ds.

Form variations appear in the same version: Even the oldest Romanian translations preferred to use the Greek engings, e. The betacized form reappears in the Synodal edition, viriliu Bible Differences are recorded only at the phonetic level. Klein was also interested in Romanian folklore, his writings bivlia one of the earliest works on it.


The Catholic edition printed in follows the Latin model of the Vulgate and places the jewel named veril, from Lat. The Heliadeand editions preserve the Greek phonetic form, but adapt the ce to the Romanian system: Heliade preserves the aspired, but abandons the final s, achate Heliade The only version using the modern term jasp is the Septuagint, the edition.


The latter variant occurs in the version published inwhich prefers the forms in —os e. The translators Vasile Radu and Gala Galaction return to bibliw, but use rubin as the name of the first jewel s.

The recurrent comparisons with glass and crystal may have originated the interpretation of jasper as being in fact diamond. The term robinul was glossed in the margin of the Ms.

The Vulgate from Blaj is clearly influenced by its Latin source: Biblia de la Biblia Vulgata from Blaj and the editions resort to the Vulgate model, but use the Romanian phonetic form and spelling: The form onih used by the translators of 195 edition is accounted for by dropping the Greek ending of the loan word from the Septuagint. Secondary sources Al Beruni, A. The edition also contains the variant smaragdin Bible Numeri, ; Pars V. Therefore, the borrowing of the French, German or Italian models published at the beginning of the previous century account for the French term opal in the Romanian versions of the Bible.