Blue White Red has ratings and 11 reviews. Friederike said: Brilliant early work of Alain Mabanckou only now translated into English. Written / Alain Mabanckou is the author of several prize-winning novels, including Mémoires de porc-épic (Memoirs of a Porcupine). Blue White Red is. Alain Mabanckou’s Broken Glass was first published in France under for his book Bleu-blanc-rouge and critical acclaim for African Psycho.

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He tipped them everyday. It needs a presence and a virgin surface to print its outline.

He especially liked General de Gaulle Digol was how he pronounced it and he held forth, as if he had been there himself, about how the General came to Brazzaville in the s and organized a conference in that city with the Algerian Committee. We drank beer, palm wine, and maize alcohol all night long.

At meetings of the town council, the poor dignitaries were at a loss with his recitations about Paris, France, and the bravery of the man of June 18th: Book by Alain Mabanckou. We thought he even spoiled them. A big vein that started on his forehead split his head in two. Learn more about Amazon Prime. That was party time. Some of them had stopped shaving the moment their first white hair appeared and they ostentatiously trailed their beards in the public square like prophets that arrived too late to a world where the gods themselves were reduced to going door-to-door, identity card in hand, instead of their disciples and saints doing it for them.

You need a strong stroke, and then you have to swim some more to reach the shore. He had to pay the labor costs and provide for the workers’ needs.


They tossed you out to go teach in an isolated backwater in the brush. This intimacy compelled me to see his comings and goings over the years. It was that faraway country, inaccessible despite its fireworks that shimmered even in my smallest dreams, and from which I woke with a taste of honey in my mouth.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? For this situation he got a chauffeur. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

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It immediately received massive attention. At the worksite he congratulated them over a small brick set just so, or even for pushing a wheelbarrow of sand from a little further away.

His level of education put him above all the other council members who were, for the most part, illiterate. He quickly ran out of steam. Vulnerability beckons in this masterful story about a world we always knew was too good to be true, yet reminds us hlanc new skies appear and new seasons begin.

Blue White Red

Indeed, there are even centuries when fate stockpiles its reserves of great men. Privacy Notice Accessibility Help. To view it, click here. He is in a roube.

Alain Mabanckou’s Masterfully Unstructured Novel of Addiction

We have to hurry. You have to consume a lot of hot drinks and not stick your nose outside. Despite a new hope for African economies due to a commodities boom, poverty was still the central story in nearly every journalistic piece about Africa. The continent was very much defined in the international consciousness as a place of violence and instability.

Not one minute later. He muses that he needs order in blek thoughts, that recalling the chronology of events may lead him to a,ain way out of this cul-de-sac of a situation: I still haven Reading questions.


According to ancestral beliefs, old people frequently appear at night through the medium of dreams. Everything happens so fast.

Under the stress of it all, the father of the Parisian aged ten years. I’m sure that our lifelines are crossed. He recited these words like a child who had really memorized his lesson. But could it be that these critics, even in their enthusiasm, miss something crucial about Broken Glassa masterfully unstructured work that follows a drunken mabanckoy schoolteacher named Broken Glass through meandering stories of his life and the lives rougge other customers who frequent the Pointe-Noire dive bar called Credit Gone West?

It might be too late afterward. The whole thing developed like a puzzle fits together.

Bleu-blanc-rouge | novel by Mabanckou |

Still, there are yet other aspects to the narration that keep the blsu engaged. He counted on starting the work again someday, so he outlined his lot by piling one brick on top of another.

His modest height was however largely offset by a headstrong and stubborn personality and a serious, sepulchral voice. He gave in to the workers’ whims.

The loss was nothing but a pretext. The barriers were insurmountable. Alcohol makes the unacceptable acceptable and the absurd logical.

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