The Lions of Lucerne is a spy novel published in and written by American novelist Brad Thor. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Reviews; 3 References; 4 External links. Brad Thor’s thriller in the Scot Harvath series, The Lions of Lucerne. The Lions of Lucerne Buy it Here. Stubbs and Wootton Slippers $ – Buy It Here. Vin de Constance $ – Buy It Here. H&K MP5.

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Horvath picks up the daughter and tries to ski both of them to protection behind some boulders, but oh no! Apr 11, Mike rated it liked it. Views Read Edit View history.


This is his first novel with recurring character Scot Harvath. There was no need to put Claudia Mueller off any longer. Soooo, the first one introduces our character and some background. I thought Lee Child’s first Jack Reacher was a bit better, but its been a long time since reading it. They walk into nightclubs strapped with explosives, plant car bombs, spray crowded markets with machine-gun fire, and fly hijacked planes full of fuel into buildings.

Some very powerful men have paid mercenaries to keep the POTUS alive and well while a piece of legislation he wants falters in the Senate.

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We don’t need to be told the lionw piece of information three times just because you’re trying to help us recall who the bad guys are and what they’re into.

Then there’s the quips. We also get a monologue from one, just so we know how bad he is and get the supposed motivation for this entire thing.


This is the first book in the Scott Harvath series. I didn’t know each Swiss household gets a govt issued rifle and ammo. Return to Book Page. It was very hard to put my Vrad away for silly things like work while reading this I generally read at lunch on weekdays and extended breakfast on weekends. This was one heck of a good read.

The Lions of Lucerne eBook by Brad Thor | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Once former SEAL Horvath disobeys of course doctor’s orders and starts doing his own investigation instead of letting the various agencies do their jobs, the daughter isn’t mentioned again until toward the end of the book. Hunt for Red October still sets the standard for a debut military, political thriller. Good thing the Senators and the VP end up dead to let us know some kind of justice is done for them.

Ot hey, as it turned out, it wasn’t that it was outre right-wing that turned me off, but that when it comes down to it I’m the kind of gal who believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone to assassinate President John F. Refresh and try again. No small feat, as Vin de Constance was one of the most coveted wines in the world. Thor’s characterizations are a bit flat and there were a couple of moments when I said to myself, “rescued by eagles My first exposure to Mr.

With eyewitnesses, customs records, and a credit card trail that would lead through three European countries all but guaranteed, Miner entered Turkey from Greece with a false Maltese passport as part of a tour group, feeling quite confident that his alibi, if ever needed, would be airtight.


It was so exciting and I was unable to put it down. After leaving messages and bard dodged by Miner for the last two months, she was excited to finally have the man himself on the phone.

The Lions of Lucerne (Scot Harvath, #1) by Brad Thor

For me this just takes the action thriller concept to one of the polar extremes, which I didn’t find that enjoyable. Even the good guys were constantly bickering and interacting in a way that did not at all ring true.

That evening, she agonized over what to wear. On a side note, if there is one phrase I wish writers would lose, forever, it has to be “As you know Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles.

Harvath survives an attack which leaves 30 of his fellow agents dead and the president of the United States kidnapped.

On the snow-covered slopes of Utah, the President of the United States has been kidnapped and his Secret Service detail massacred. Atria Books April 25, Publication Date: She made a mental note to check the manager out when she got back to Bern.

I’m going to give more of Brad Thor’s novels a chance to see if the character and world can be redeemed however, as of the moment I remain skeptical. hhor

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