BSS datasheet, BSS circuit, BSS data sheet: SIEMENS – SIPMOS Small-Signal Transistor (N channel Enhancement mode),alldatasheet, datasheet . BSS Datasheet, BSS PDF, BSS Data sheet, BSS manual, BSS pdf, BSS, datenblatt, Electronics BSS, alldatasheet, free, datasheet. BSS from Infineon Technologies AG. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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From “Circuit Description” in the Data Sheet: There must be a conversion time too or am I wrong? If I understand the question from “burnmeister” correctly, it can be re-stated as: Look at the data and see how fast the samples rise to the final value. In that case – and assuming you can solve dwtasheet synchronization problem between DRDY and the ‘ instruction cycle bs125 there are just enough instruction cycles to work. Using a bit latch would only add to your delay. So I can catch both of the bytes high and low in a time of approx ns: Perhaps the third set of comments will only triple the confusion – I hope it doesn’t cause the confusion to be cubed!

I can’t take a 16 bit latch to buffer the values, cause my design is already produced Guest Super Member Total Posts: Hi burnmeister, Can you give a few more details, why is the speed important, what sort of ADC etc. Otherwise there are only 4 ‘ instruction cycles available.


Selling BSS, BSS, BSS with BSS, BSS, BSS Datasheet PDF of these parts.

Thanks for the answers till now anyway!! Do you know the English word “stumped”? I think you should be more concerned about the other more prominant delays like the ADC conversion and acquisition, time taken to perform calculations on the data or to display it I cant say anything else about ‘timings’ because there’s no bss152 information here of the signal you have to make digital.

I think you have beat us. That is a species I have never encountered in the wild.

It might be time to do an experiment in your development lab. Or perhaps a combination of Figure 7b and Figure 7a. From the “General Description” section of the Data Sheet, “The analog input is continuously sampledeliminating the need for an external sample-and-hold.

I am not certain that timing diagram Figure 7b is correct for your application. The on-chip filtering combined with a high oversampling ratio ratio reduces the external antialias requirements. I’m only a “Junior Member” here! I hope the circuit will run next monday.

BSS125 Datasheet

When memory is full, have the microcontroller send the data over RS to a computer. THX a lot for your detailed answer dchisholm!!! I think all 3 of us are confused by the same question but from different viewpoints. In this case, you have to: It would be very glad, if anyone can help me to understand the following timing diagramm. I have looked at the AD Data Sheet. I’m surprised by your statement: Trigger the microcontroller datashheet off the square wave edge: I don’t know how this fits datssheet with you required sample rate, but you have as long as you need to take a sample.


You already listed the fastest way to read two ports: Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Hi burnmeister Without personally knowing your ADC chip, my guess is that the output is held in tri-state until either or both of the RD and CS lines are pulled low.

Embedded Software and Hardware Development This architecture of oversample-then-decimate-in-the-data-domain seems to be fairly common.

When i’m looking for the high period of DRDY with some code like this: Datasheeg you have same good ideas, please go on If this is true, it is clearly unusable in your application. This might be useful for solving the sync problem. I can’t be sure to catch the impuls cause it’s only during for ns.

View bss125 datasheet:

Depending on what you can control, I would suggest code like the following all timing statements assume I’m using this 1. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

Again a big Thanks for your ideas and help!!!! Gixy Super Member Total Posts: Writing an email to an analog devices engineer is also a good idea i will do next week!

So I need only x2 Bytes to read in, but this has to pass very quick.