Scientific name: Other names: Tamaraw. Bubalus mindorensis. Mindoro dwarf buffalo, Timaraw, Tamarao, Tamarau, Mindorobüffel, Búfalo de. Bubalus mindorensis is included in the subgenus Bubalus [Hamilton-Smith, ], being affiliated with the Asiatic water buffalo (B. arnee). Bubalus mindorensis Heude, Taxonomic (Download Help) Bubalus mindorensis TSN Reference for: Bubalus mindorensis, tamaraw [ English].

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The penalties were harsh enough to include a hefty fine and imprisonment. Beforetamaraws were widely distributed throughout the island, inhabiting all elevations m and all habitat types, including Mindoro’s vast forests and less common wetlands, grasslands, riparian areas, and bbalus thickets.

Also, extensive reforestation was implemented to hasten the tamaraws’ propagation. Archived from the original on 3 August However, much of the original forest in its range has been replaced with grassland as a result of human activities 2 5.

The skin of the nose and lips is black Custodio et al. Rinderpest An infectious viral disease that principally affects cattle, but can also affect sheep, goats, camels, certain wild ruminants and pigs. Palawan bearded pig S. Beforemost people avoided settling on Mindoro due to a virulent strain of malaria. Endemic to Mindoro in the Philippines 4an island that covers 9, square kilometres. Age of primiparity or sexual maturity is not given in the literature, but one source says they reach “adulthood” at 6 years of age.

Range number of offspring 1 low Average number of offspring 1 Average number of offspring 1 AnAge Range gestation period 9.

Tamaraw videos, photos and facts – Bubalus mindorensis | Arkive

These factors reduced the population of thousands during the early s to less than individuals in University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. Although an interbirth interval of two years was reported by Custodio et al. Iteroparous animals must, by definition, survive over multiple seasons or periodic condition changes.


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Adult pelage is dark brown or black, with no differences between sexes. The calf stays for mindornesis years with its mother before becoming independent. Being an entirely endemic and rare land mammal, Bubalus mindorensis stands as an extremely vulnerable species. This differs from other bovidsand has been explained as an adaptation to living in forested environments where large social groups are impractical.

Bubalhs tamaraw was once classified as a subspecies of the Asiatic water buffalo Corbet and Hill,although some authors have allied this species with the anoas B. Later research and analyses of relationships determined the genus Anoa to be a part of the genus Bubalus. A greyish-white stripe runs from the inner corner of the eye outwards and greyish-white patches are also found on the legs mndorensis neck 5.

Though the national animal of the Philippines is the carabao[38] the tamaraw is also considered a national symbol of the Philippines.

Bovini from Cebu island, Philippines”. The ears are moderate in size, with a length of approximately Bates’s pygmy antelope N. Adult tamaraw are dark brown to grayish black in color and bubaous more hair than the closely related Asiatic water buffalo, Bubalus arnee Rabor, Females stay with the mother longer than males.

Tamaraw are largely solitary, with mindoreensis only lasting association being between a mother and her offspring Talbot and Talbot, The act specifically prohibited killing, hunting and even merely wounding tamaraws, with an exception noted for self-defense if one were to be attacked by an agitated individual or for scientific purposes.


To this day there are about left, facing human-induced extinction.

To cite this page: You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way bbubalus suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. Blog Friday 05 October Wildscreen With: Views View Edit History. Many factors have contributed to the decline of the tamaraw population. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Byfewer than animals were estimated to be alive.

File:Bubalus mindorensis by Gregg Yan 01.jpg

As a result, hunters were said to prefer to shoot it from a platform high in the trees 4. Kobus Upemba lechwe K. Only juveniles exhibit the typical bovine herding behavior and clan hierarchy often seen in water buffalo. Tayassu White-lipped peccary T. It may NOT be used within Apps. After a gestation of days, a single young is born Buchholtz, Arriskuan dauden ugaztunak Usage on fa. Glossary acoustic uses sound to communicate.

Males and females may associate throughout the year, if only fleetingly for a few hours Custodio et al. Both males and females have a pair of relatively straight, backward-pointing horns which are extremely stout.

Large family listed below. Similar species Within their range, the tamaraw is a distinctive native species.