CAGED (The Caged Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Amber Lynn Natusch. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Caged (Caged, book 1) by Amber Lynn Natusch – book cover, description, publication history. Amber Lynn Natusch is the author of the bestselling Caged series for adults. She was born and raised in Winnipeg, and is still deeply attached to her Canadia.

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She does come off as a bit naive and maybe even a smidgen ok a lot sarcastic, but I really liked her.

THE CAGED WORLD – Amber Lynn Natusch

I guess I just need to think about it some more. I really liked this book. I don’t want to give anything away about him, so I won’t say much. I also love the cover, I think it’s pretty wicked. Thought-provoking to the core, truth-drawing and utterly gripping I was sat in suspense throughout not knowing what was going to happen. Cagged her quest for truth continues to come up short, she realizes that maybe some questions really are best left unanswered.


View all 7 comments. Preview — Caged by Amber Lynn Natusch. And I feel for each of the characters. What I did not expect at all was to find out the truth of the mystery, which was not about either characters but the main character of Ruby who completely shocks and surprises you. For Paytas sake I really hope Jay steps in when it comes to Matusch, Brother PC or not I hope he stands by her and makes her his priority number 1 and proves that it is possiable for a PC to make love and those he cares about deeply a priority.

Trivia About Caged Caged, 1. I enjoyed getting to know her – seeing her creativity and her love for dance as well as the way she’s embracing her newfound, if undesired, freedom juxtaposed with the images of her childhood.


Caged (Caged, #1) by Amber Lynn Natusch

It seems there are plenty of people out there that want to cage Ruby and harness the power that she has somewhere inside her. This story was about love and finding true abmer, loss, heartache as you search deep within the depths of your soul.

Plus at times this book was pretty funny.

What I didn’t know, and didn’t begin to figure out until a little ways in, is exactly what supernatural elements were in the book. I loved how mysterious even she was to the reader, because she didn’t even know everything about herself.

The prologue teased me just enough to have my curiosity piqued. One day read for me and for all of the books in this series actually. It begins very mysteriously and I had no idea what to expect from it. The mystery surrounding Sean was a lot of fun to unravel as well. There are tons of twists and turns in this book as well. Overall this book was good.

Overall I still really enjoyed the seris I really like Payta, Ronnie and Cooper and I really hope we get a more in depth look at the Underground in the up comming books.

Only the slightest twinkle in his eye gave him away. She was born and raised in Winnipeg, and is still deeply attached to her Canadian roots.

This novel is a very quick and easy read. It has been sitting in my Kindle que ever since. Hopefully things will be different in the 4th installment as far as her sarcastic-avoid all things-flight or fight-attitude goes. She doesn’t quite know how to feel about him or how to figure him out either!


I have to say that I am absolutely totally confused by some of the reviews I just read. I feel like this book had so much potential.

Amber Lynn Natusch

At least then, there may have been an excuse for her immaturity. There are of course, two different types of weres.

This is the third book in the Caged series. I’m quite surprised that it hasn’t taken off more than it has. A great and faceless evil. It picks up right where book 2 left off, with Ruby marked for death by the PC after being framed for the murders of several PC brothers. Other books in the series. Amber Lynn Natusch Narrated by: Later Eric tells Ruby that she is really a powerful werewolf that Sean has been sent to assassinate. I’m not sure how to start this review-this book gave me insanely mixed feelings.

Rabid Reads This book starts off slowly but by the end it absolutely howls with excellence! She was a total natuscu and I loved how fierce she really was!! In the seedy underbelly of the Chicago supernatural scene is a club about which no one talks. Why she has a connection with other animals, her desire for another male in the form of Eric that is purely instinctive, her blindness and the blackouts that keep occurring and her ring.

Sean is also very mysterious and Cagec couldn’t — well, I still can’t — quite figure him out. And boy do they drop.