10 Inspirational Quotes from Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta. Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta, which means The Discourse on the Lion-roar of the. 1 Sutta summary and highlights. SUTTA SUMMARY. The Cakka,vatti Sīha, nāda Sutta (D 26) gives an account of the wheel- turner or universal monarch. In illustration of his dictum that one should rely on oneself, the Buddha gives a detailed account of the fall of a kingly lineage of the past, and the subsequent.

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Let us make for some grassy thickets or jungle-recesses or clumps of trees, for rivers hard to ford or inaccessible mountains, and live on roots and fruits of the forest.

DN The Wheel-Turning Monarch—Bhikkhu Sujato

After conquering this land girt by sea, he will reign by principle, without rod or sword. How fantastic, dear being, you live! Sharp swords will appear in their hands and, thinking: Rule us, Your Majesty.

Seven days later, the Wheel Treasure vanishes. And, having given up pleasure and painand with the disappearance of former gladness and sadnesshe enters and remains in the Fourth Jhanawhich is beyond pleasure and painand purified by equanimity and mindfulness.

He will be attended by a company of thousands of monks, just as I am attended by a company of hundreds.

They develop the basis of psychic power that has immersion due to mental development, and active effort. Let no crime prevail in your kingdomand those who are calkavatti need, give property. We will answer you. Knowing who is the next Buddha is crucial especially for people who have yet to practice the Law of Buddhahood as expounded in the Lotus Sutra.

Vijaya Sutta — Victory Sn 1.

Having gone forth, he will remain alone, in seclusion, ardent, eager and resolute, and before long he will have attained in this very life, by his own super-knowledge and resolution, that unequaled goal of the holy life, for the sake of which young men of good family go forth from the household life into hermit life, and will abide therein. Then, shaving off hair and beard, he will don yellow robes and go forth from the household life into homelessness under the supreme Buddha Metteyya.


10 Inspirational Quotes from Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta

Let the Dhamma be your island, let the Dhamma be your refuge, with the Dhamma as his island, with the Dhammas as his ackkavatti, with no other sihanqda Let no crime prevail in your kingdom, and to those who are in need, give property. Those people who lived for 20, years had children who lived for 10, years. He will teach the Dhamma, lovely in its beginning, lovely in its middle, lovely in its ending, in the spirit sjhanada in the letter, and proclaim, just as I do now, the holy life in its fullness and purity.

And those who were ugly, being envious of those who were beautiful, committed adultery with others’ wives. Instead, he ruled the people according to his own ideasand, being so ruled, the people did not prosper so well as they suttta done under the previous kings who had performed the duties of a wheel-turning monarch.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Then, with his heart filled with compassiondwells suffusing one quarter, the second, the third, the fourth.

Just as the lion is the lord of the forest, so too is the Buddha the lord of the sangha. I shall shave off my hair and beard, dress in ocher robes, and go forth from the lay life to homelessness. Establishing a society based on these principles is less obvious than first appears.


Happiness is interpreted as detachment by the Buddha, which is perfected by the practice of the Four Jhanas. Do not drink strong drink. Among them, kudrusa-grain will be the chief foodjust as rice and curry are today.

What good things can we do? And seven days after the royal sage had gone forth the Wheel calkavatti. He slhanada also have a huge sangha and lay followers just like Buddha himself. And the royal sage said to him: This story reminds me of the story of Moses bringing down the tablets of the law in Exodus.

The Lion’s roar on the turning of the wheel. And so, mendicants, from not paying money to the penniless, all these things became widespread—poverty, theft, swords, killing, lying, backbiting, sexual misconduct, harsh speech and talking nonsense, desire and ill will, wrong view, illicit desire, immoral greed, and wrong thoughts, and lack of due respect for mother and father, ascetics and brahmins, ishanada failure to honor the elders in the family.

Your Majesty’, replied the man.

The commonalty is clearly power, which identifies this practice as proto-Tantric in character. Here, a monk, detached from seven-desires…enters the first jhana,…the second, third, fourth jhana,…purified by equanimity and mindfulness. Do not commit sexual misconduct. Activate Pali word lookup Analyzes the Pali text and attempts to display the word meaning. This Jambudipalike Aviciwill be as thick as with people as the jungle is thick with reeds and rushes.

The king appoints his eldest son, the Crown prince, to take over running the state, and joins the sangha in anticipation of his death.