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On June 30, I decided to look on my account online to verify what 20111 my order would arrive. I moved to SC and PartyLite wasn’t around. April 26, I was scheduled to co-host a PartyLite candle party with my mom.

Top Reviews and Complaints about PartyLite/Blyth Industries

I have gotten a hold of Dana three times to get this settled. Wednesday, September 14, Halloween with Partylite. Looks like it is going to be even more problematic with my kit, because now I’m down even a lot more on sales with the cancelled order! July 23, I held the party at my house in Oshawa. On the 28th I still had not recieved it so I wrote and told her I needed a response within 7 days or I parthlite take the matter to Partylite.


Please let me know if there is anything you can partykite about it, pattylite I have been a customer for many years.

Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! But Tammy got the points for all 7 women who ordered.

Call or email so you don’t miss out! How can you fix this problem please?

I received a nasty note back from her saying she already sent it and she would not do more. The other PartyLite customer service reps are poorly lacking in customer service skills.

Casey of Oshawa, ON. She did not refund us the money, instead, she told us that we could have credits paartylite we ordered more items.

If PartyLite sees this post. One East Weaver Street City: Stacey of Spring, TX. I had a party at a show that I held in October It is not a side job for the working person because they often pressure into a lot of meetings. If you go to the person who sponsored the consultant you are having issues with, you may have better results as the sponsors want you to be happy with your experience.

Friday, November 25, December Guest Specials. That is misrepresenting the product which should be illegal. Personally Adam catalogeu the whole 5 stars.

In the end, the consumer ends up with no refund. I was told they should be in within a few weeks.


PartyLite/Blyth Industries

Yes thats right new improved cheaper melts!! I’m not happy at all and wish I would have just had as how and never considered becoming a consultant! They are not concerned. Friday, October 7, Girls Night In?

Lori of Kent, wa. It went really, really well despite getting a flat tire on my way there! First, the item didn’t arrive because it was backordered, so I had to wait a month.

Michelle’s Candles:

I just wanted to warn consumers after reading some of the other product issues. PartyLite is responsible for their consultants. My closing day rolls around and I was told “I will close you in 2 more days.

Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. I told him that I paid to have my order sent to my door, and that was exactly what I expected to happen. Posted by Michimages at 5: A reorder would mean I do not get benefit of sale price, which is why I originally ordered.