Stripsody sheet music – voice (unspecified vocal range) sheet music by Cathy Berberian: Edition Peters. Shop the World’s Largest Sheet Music. Cathy Berberian. In , composed her first musical work, Stripsody for solo voice. Stripsody is an exploration of the onomatopoeic sounds of. TOOLS: Graphic organizer for students to brainstorm sounds, musical score for ” Stripsody”, projector & whiteboard for interactive brainstorming.

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Now that would really have been something to hear.

The theatricality of her outward bodily and facial mimicry of a diva is in shrill contrast to the onomatopoeic vocal sounds with which Berberian seems to acoustically imitate and sketch out situations from the everyday and popular audio culture. At one point, an electronic space of glitter and sparkle is created through filter and echo effects, within which the moaning sounds of pleasure reverberate, a passage which caused the prudish Italian Radio Corporation to ban a broadcast of the piece.

University of North Carolina Press, Folk songs may be more conventional in form than the electronic pieces or Sequentia, but it shares, in a more stately fashion, their collage structure.

Berberian also composed music herself. Mulder, Etty, De zang van vogelvrouwen: There are other great videos on youtube.

University of Nebraska Press, A Philosophy of Art. The opening minutes are genuinely disturbing, all the more so for the use of identifiably human sounds which have gone beyond the normal range of human expression.

As a consequence stripzody the inherently live and performed existence of music, its own voices are stubborn, insisting upon their privilege. All of which brings me to the title. Cone correlates the voice with the supposed creative mind that would stripdody constructed the work as a whole. Posted by Jez Winship at Second, reading is akin to the interior monologue that we all engage in, except that it supplies us with another story usually a more interesting one than that we manufacture for ourselves to assure ourselves we exist.


These recognisably human sounds then undergo a transformation into staccato insect stridulation cayhy the buzzing of swarming flies — sounds which could easily have been used on the soundtrack of Katalin Varga.

Stripsody Sheet Music By Cathy Berberian – Sheet Music Plus

Easily share your music lists with friends, students, and the world. Considering important questions, such as: I love that this piece can be considered a piece of performance art and how Berberian committed to every notation on the score.

Perspectives on Theater after Modernism. Stripsody demonstrates then that it is through reading the vocal imagery that one can encounter the body in the voice.

Read our Privacy Policy. One is too exposed to the voice and the voice sttripsody too much, one incorporates and one expels too much.

Berberian – Stripsody – Art and music collide in these 20 stunning graphic scores – Classic FM

Placanica, Francesca, Cathy Berbfrian University of Michigan Press, By stressing the reading act as subvocalised sound, Stripsody creates a double awareness in the listener which produces a sense of reading a text that seems to be shared with the performer: According to Kivy, 28 Ibid. With graphic notation and performance notes. As a whole, Visage gives us the sense of being privy to the turbulent scoe of a psyche which is either being assailed by an external force, or is tearing itself apart from within.

I once saw a catthy recital where the dancers choreographed a berberixn inspired by a collection of paintings. When we look at music, we get information like a map for sound, or instructions. DantoKivy starts with the observation that the representational medium is never really eliminable, never vaporized into pure content. The sounds that are made are not necessarily notes but more like onomatopoeia. She presents us with the cartography of a singer indicating the limits of her vocal signature.


Equally, the perception of various vocal personae as part of a representational 32 Peter J.

The Graphic Score: music and notation “outside the lines”

The elements of speech are transformed into pure sound, devoid of overt meaning but possessed of a musical quality which communicates on its own level. The MIT Press,p.

Caty, we get to interpret how to perform the music on the page, as long as we follow the information given to us! The MIT Press, Critical Essays on Music, Art, and Representation, trans.

However, through Stripsody, I would like to dispute the intentionality of such a projection by the composer even when Berberian is performing the composition as authorial voice herself. It is very intriguing yet confusing at the same time. If you believe that any review contained on our site infringes upon your copyright, please email us.

Artistry and Cultural Politics Chapter 5. As stfipsody, the various vocal personae to which the sounding score gives rise are part of the representational mode of attention. Close X Music Lists. Issued as an LP in The Northern Line ran underneath. As such, when Berberian performs her own score, the vocal personae seem to produce a space for mocking self-referentiality and critique towards its virtual composer.