CFRB Radio. page Hubbard, Ron, scientologist. Dynamic Principle. Bridge Publication Incorporated. page Macpherson, C. B. Rules for the Rulers . Before CFRB came on the air in Toronto on February 19, , radio stations Sales manager Patrick Hurley left for CJCL to become general. After his early retirement from CFRB in , he continued to contribute “The Way I See It” to the station’s programming until Bob was a contributing editor.

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He had actually been a “techie” at the station between andbefore going to the University of Toronto for an engineering degree. We hope to have this fixed soon. The show aired at 6: Program schedule as of August Canadian ads used 31 hours and 20 minutes 198 ‘RB and 30 minutes on ‘BC. Stephenson looked too young to be the grandfather he became, repeatedly. Amanda Glew, Hannah Sung, Dr. Bev Cudbird, a regular contributor to “This Cffb of Farming” was now the station’s meteorologist.

On February 6, John Hesellink moved from weekends to overnites a. Neither the 6-volt “A” batteries nor the volt “B” batteries were necessary.

York Region babysitter arrested in historical sexual assault case

McLean had been working in Ottawa. His last show on November 1 marked the beginning of his 50th year, and followed a month-long countdown of special events and on-air highlights from his career. A site was selected near Clarkson, southwest of Toronto. Taylor, whose Argus Corp.


He started his broadcasting career in Inthe name was changed to Rogers Majestic Corporation Limited. Radio stations in Toronto Classical music radio stations in Canada ZoomerMedia radio stations Radio stations established in establishments in Ontario.

Radio vet signs off as CFRB cuts back

Standard Broadcasting Corporation Ltd. Newscaster Jim Hunter died suddenly on June 6. His first byline followed about a year later. Bill Baker died on December 21 at the age of cfrh Kate Aitken with informal talks to women On August 12, John Oakley joined for the new John Stall was now on the air from Making friends with sports figures and colleagues was a pattern. She added Newstalk after Scott Johns was promoted to revenue director for English Canada stations.

Four towers with identical height of feet were erected further south on the site, replacing two foot towers and two footers. Rogers was named president of Rogers Broadcasting Co. Jack Dawson became chief announcer and program director. Special to The Globe and Mail.

William (Bill) Stephenson: Broadcaster was voice of CFRB sports for four decades

Send us a memory of someone we have recently profiled on the Obituaries page. Rogers Radio Broadcasting CO. Rex Frost died at age This compared to CJBC’s one program of religious music. The night pattern would use all four towers.

This development eliminated the hum when the heater was applied with alternating current. On February 14, Ed Needham left. Be 19988 journalist, not a cheerleader. On August 25, Larry King was added from 2: He graduated to a sports column “news on sports”.


This was the CBC’s first approval of 50, watts for a private station. Hurricane Hazel hit southern Ontario between October 15 and Ed Needham, Bob Hesketh.

Originally Hunter was the Toronto Evening Telegram’s talking reporter. That sleeve became the “cathode” element, and the filament was re-named as a “heater” for the cathode.

Power was increased to 10, watts. His two boys, 1988 and Gerry, played soccer, baseball and, of course, hockey. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was on the air until noon, with non-stop messages about school and office closings, and helping to organize volunteers to help those in trouble.

The Chairman of the Board was J.

Calls grow for outside regulation of chiropractors. Mary Falconer was traffic manager. In May, Ed Needham returned Wes joined CFRB inbecame sports director and cftb, station manager, in On September 12, Fred Napoli returned weekends due to popular demand. And they do listen!