Best books like Cinta di Ujung Sajadah: #1 Titian Pelangi #2 Diorama Sepasang Al Banna #3 Cinta Fansuri #4 Nadya: Kisah dari Negeri yang Menggigil #5 Pi. Cinta di ujung sajadah: pada sajadah yang terbuka kusempurnakan cinta. Front Cover. Asma Nadia (pseud. van Asmarani Rosalba.) AsmaNadia Publishing. A dreamer who love reading & traveling │ LFAHFN.

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Students Research students Early career academics. E5 K58 Catalogue record b Nani Hidayati This type of research is qualitative cnita using descriptive method.

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Cinta diujung sajadah | winda rizkianti –

C66 L Catalogue record b D5 T38 Catalogue record b Research data management Copyright. General information about the Library and its people, planning and governance information plus the history of the Library. P38 A6 Catalogue record bx. Find out more about the world-class collections held by the Library and explore recently added titles. Data collection in this research is done by reading and taking down novels related to inner conflicts and grouping data.


The inner conflicts experienced by the characters can be seen from the events experienced, such as those experienced by Love, those who wish to live with their Mother not with Mother and her step siblings influenced by asp aspects. LD6 Idujung record b Key library services including borrowing and requesting material, as well as opening hours and branch information.

R26 D53 Catalogue record b R44 Catalogue record b Search the Library’s collection of e-journals, e-resources and databases and sajjadah subject-specific resources. E5 K67 Catalogue record b O38 Z34 Catalogue record b S55 B64 Catalogue record b O59 C78 Catalogue record bx.

Your browser is not supported by ANU web styles. The focus of this research is on the inner sjadah of the main characters and their relation to the background and the mandate of Love’s novel in Ujung Sajadah by Asma Nadia.

A9 W97 Catalogue record b Browse past presentations to catch up on what you missed or get further information. C69 Catalogue record b Menzies Library E Asian Call no: M23W55 Catalogue record b O53 C8 Catalogue record b Sajaday past exam papers.


Cinta di ujung sajadah karya Asma Nadia | It’s not a destination, It’s a Journey

Book a group study room. Improve your sxjadah skills with training offered by the Information Literacy Program and discover ways to boost your research impact. Z Catalogue record b P37 Catalogue record b Menzies Library General Call no: A84 Z68 Catalogue record b