Uninformed management stations lose access to the router through Before you enable the Management Plane Protection feature, you should understand the following concepts: Examples of protocols processed in the management plane are . Cisco IOS Security Configuration Guide, Release Chapters in a configuration guide describe protocols, configuration tasks, and . Within Cisco IOS software documentation, the term router is generally used to .. concept of a trusted third party that performs secure verification of users and. Last modified by Deonte R. Carroll on Sep 19, AM. Visibility: Open to anyone. nt Routing Protocols and

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Regardless of which of these options is selected there are also two different methods of authentication exchange that can be configured for each, these include: All the following metrics have been used:. When a network event causes routes to either go down or become available, routers distribute routing update messages that permeate networks, stimulating recalculation of optimal routes and eventually causing all routers to agree on these routes.

Routing is often contrasted with bridging, which might seem to accomplish precisely the same thing to the casual observer. If the router knows how to forward the packet, however, it changes the destination physical address to that of the next hop and transmits the packet.

Static routing algorithms are hardly algorithms at all, but are table mappings established by the network administrator before the beginning of routing. Any reliability factors can be taken into account in the assignment of the reliability ratings, which are arbitrary numeric values usually assigned to network links by network administrators.

Routing Basics

Routed protocols are transported by routing protocols across an internetwork. Assume, for example, that a network segment has gone down. With certain protocols, routing domains can be divided into routing areas, but intradomain routing protocols are still used for switching both within and between areas. Algorithms that use static routes are simple to design and work well in environments where network traffic is relatively predictable and where network design is relatively simple.


If the router does not know how to forward the packet, it typically drops the packet. Having acquired a router’s address by some means, the source host sends a packet addressed specifically to a router’s physical Media Access Control [MAC]-layer address, this time with the protocol network layer address of the destination host. These mappings do not change unless the network administrator alters them.

Routing algorithms that converge slowly can cause routing loops or network outages. In addition, the role of routing protocols is briefly contrasted with the role of routed or network protocols. Because they converge more quickly, link-state algorithms are somewhat less prone to routing loops than distance vector algorithms. Routers compare metrics to determine optimal routes, pgotocoles these metrics differ depending on the design of the routing algorithm used.

Some routing protocols allow network administrators to assign arbitrary costs to each conceptw link. Configure the use of RIP authentication.

Keys can also be configured with specific transmit send and receive accept lifetimes that provide the ability to have keys automatically change at a predetermined time. Step 1 Enter privileged mode.

Other routing protocols define hop count, a metric that specifies the number of passes through internetworking products, such as routers, that a packet must take en route from a source to a destination.

The primary reason for this time lag is that networks in the s were simple, homogeneous environments. There are two general ways that authentication is implemented by most routing protocols: Routing systems often designate logical groups of nodes, called domains, autonomous systems, or areas. The idea behind a key chain is rather simple as it simply replicates an electronic version of a key chain, a concept that most people are familiar with.

Although bandwidth is a rating of the maximum attainable throughput on a link, routes cico links with greater bandwidth do not necessarily provide better routes than routes through slower links.


ISs are further divided into those that can communicate within routing domains intradomain ISs and those that communicate both within dr between routing domains interdomain ISs. Keep in mind that these authentication solutions do not encrypt the information exchanged between the devices, but simply verifies that the identity of these devices.

First, the particular goals of the algorithm designer affect the operation of the resulting routing protocol. Although packet switching is relatively straightforward, path determination can be very complex.

Put simply, routing protocols are used by intermediate systems to build tables used in determining path selection of routed protocols. Routing algorithms have used many different metrics to determine the best route. Because delay is a conglomeration of several important variables, it is a common and useful metric. Using this routafe, network devices without the capability to forward packets between subnetworks are called end systems Protocolswhereas network devices with these capabilities are called intermediate systems ISs.

Routing Protocol Authentication Concepts and Configuration

In most cases, a host determines that it must send a packet to another host. Configure OSPF area authentication. Article is provided courtesy of Cisco Press. Routing rohtage contain information used by switching software to select the best route. The configuration required to setup RIP authentication is shown in Table 6.

Routing Basics – DocWiki

Finally, routing algorithms use a variety of metrics that fisco calculation of optimal routes. Link-state algorithms, therefore, can be more expensive to implement and support. Routing algorithms can be programmed to adapt to changes in network bandwidth, router queue size, and network delay, among other variables. Configure OSPF network authentication.

To configure MD5 authentication use the message-digest keyword.