Se recomienda clasificar a las pielectasias de acuerdo al grado de dilatación en leve (oligoamnios, sin embar-. Liquido amniotico. Polihidramnios – Oligohidramnios. Indice de Liquido Amniotico. clasificación de la embarazada de bajo riesgo, de alto riesgo o de muy alto .. Los casos con sospecha clínica de RCI, excluidos el oligoamnios, el error de.

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Placental sharing, birthweight discordance, and vascular anastomoses in monochorionic diamniotic twin placentas. Medwave Jul;12 6: The patient was discharged the same day of the surgery after checking the cardiac activity in both babies. Semin Fetal Neonatal Med. Fetal assessment in low risk pregnancy. Serial amniocenteses in the management of twintwin transfusion syndrome: Congenital malformations and intrauterine growth retardation: Therefore, we considered necessary to burn this anastomo sis in order to protect the blood flow into the big baby and avoid any risk of mental handicap.

Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome results from dynamic asymmetrical reduction in placental anastomoses: As we mentioned before, the shared placental circulation between both babies produce complications inherent to this type of twinning. Customized versus population-based birth weight standards for identifying growth restricted infants: Clinical observations on 35 affected pairs.


Br Dd Obstet Gynaecol. A 23 year-old primigravida with a spontaneous monochorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy was referred to our Unit at 16 weeks of gestation.

Síndrome de transfusión fetofetal

Received for publication 22 June and accepted for publication on 10 July The management is generally surgical since the prognosis without doing anything is poor: Bueno si se evita la hipoxia en el parto. Ultrasound predictors of mortality in monochorionic twins with selective intrauterine growth restriction.

A woman with a monochorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy was referred to our Centre due to a discrepancy in size between the foetuses. Cra 27 calle 9. Influence of vasopressin in the pathogenesis of oligohydramnios- polyhydramnios in monochorionic twins.

El gemelo sano presentaba Dopplers normales. During the fetoscopy, we performed a sequen tial laser placental ablation, identifying first the anastomoses and then burning along the placental equator. Stage-based treatment of twin-twin transfusion syndrome.

Embarazo y liquido amniótico by itzel Hernandez on Prezi

Considering the clasificzcion of the small twin amniotic fluid and Dopplers and its high chance of intrauterine demise, we decided to perform the fetal surgery mainly to protect the wellbeing of the healthy baby thus avoiding the consequent exsanguination of this twin through the placen-tal anastomoses.


Olgiohidramnios Database Syst Rev. This originates a fluctuant change of colour observed during the fetoscopy between purple and red in the arterial part of the A-V anastomosis that belongs to the small baby.

Fetal Medicine Foundation Conflict of interest: The vascular anastomoses in monochorionic twin pregnancies and their clinical consequences. Once the oligohidraminos is done, it is important to classify the sIUGR in three different types according to the Doppler in the umbilical artery UA of the small baby.

Alfirevic Z, Neilson JP.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Universidad Industrial de Santander. Current experience with fetoscopy and the Eurofoetus registry for fetoscopic procedures.

Precoz antes de las 28 semanas. Los formularios pueden ser solicitados contactando al autor responsable.

Chile Medwave Oct;8 Administrador Web Javier Delgado Jerez proyrevistas oligohidfamnios. Long-term outcome in twin-twin transfusion syndrome treated with serial aggressive amnioreduction. Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol.