Cold Steel – John Styers – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. BOWIES COLDSTEEL. by John Styers America’s deadliest knife-fighting tradition adds a new weapon to the arsenal of the Marine Corps. 1. 2. 3. 4. Every man. COLD STEEL by JOHN STYERS Text prepared by Karl Schuon Photographs by Louis Lowery Foreword A sudden realization of the thorough preparation for.

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Hock Hochheim’s Combat Talk Forum

Remember that the point sthers be to the left, but on a level with your opponent’s eyes. Pick up your “stick,” whatever it may be, and we’ll show you how much damage you can do with it. It should make you capable of launching the most eKective attack to meet the existing situation. Attack your opponent’s throat at the earliest opportunity. If enemy has you in front grip and both your hands are free, slam palms over his ears. All tissues, muscles, veins or tendons caught in the path of the scimilar-like hook of the Bowie blade will be sliced clean through.

Mitch Troop marked it as to-read Jan 12, The blade should be tough enough to resist most impacts without showing a fixed bend.

Claire marked it as to-read Dec 16, Draw your knife well back and keep the wrist straight. Clayton rated it really liked it Jun 07, You are now ready for the throw. You have used your hands all of your life, and that muscle on the edge of the hand is tough.


Notice how easily you are able to advance and withdraw -forward and backward. Now, it’s not quite as bad about this as Biddle’s work, and puts in practice a more co I gave this book stters 4 stjers rating, not 5, simply because the knife methods in it are not, as presented, perfect.

The short end technique. Backstage, the old doorman paused for a last, wistful glance at the darkened house; then he picked up his coat and shuffled through the stage door, locked it for the last time, and stepped sadly into the alley.

Cold Steel

Right arm is ready to lock left forearm in place. When you close with your enemy, immediately following the right thrust attack, wheel or pivot in with a left elbow smash, the arms hooked, elbows and fists FLYING.

The correct application of the stuers in your hand will give you immediate command of the situation. Remember that in combat you are playing for keeps; he who ponders about tactics may not be around to enjoy the next rotation.

Full text of “Cold Steel John Styers”

To Americans, who fight fair and clean by heritage – when they can – we dedicate this book Besides, you need not stay in top condition to apply them effectively. Your left arm is extended fully as your weapon travels forward in a fast, powerful drive, directly to a target: If you’re at home, pull a towel rack off the wall; if you’re in jail, pull a bar out of the window. Hock’s Web Page New Products. But here’s a hint: Cold Steel Styers, John www.

“Bowie’s Cold Steel” by John Styers

Bring the bar crashing down on enemy’s nose if his face is turned up Bring bar back, close to chest, and prepare for direct smash Bar is smashed into enemy’s throat, or head between the eyes Grab enemy’s shirt and return your stick to forearm position To MOVE IN, release the left side of the stick and bring it back, along the forearm, into its original position. Your enemy is now in a do or die rage; his only thought is to kill YOU any way he can.


If you connect around the lower ribs in the front, you will jar the solar plexis nerves. His whole left arm is yours if you want it; chop it with the cutting edge of your blade or bring your blade across the side of his head. In this position there will be no lead with your shoulder and knife betraying the nature of your attack. All formidable attacks can be made from the guard position. Once you get one of your hands in the vicinity of his throat, eyes or groin, launch your most vigorous attack, smashing, gouging, crushing and ripping.

The blow, if well placed, will eliminate any further resistance from your opponent, and the softness of that area of his body cannot damage your weapon. Return to Book Page. Styfrs through with your left fist or elbow A smashing blow with your left elbow may leave you wheeled over to your right side.