Tightwad tips from the Complete Tightwad Gazette book to save you money. Helpful frugal ideas on a wide range of topics. After my favorite book on frugal finances, Your Money or Your Life (read review), I ‘d say The Complete Tightwad Gazette is the second book. Tightwad Gazette Fan Club. K likes. Fans of Amy Dacyczyn’s Tightwad Gazette share ways to save money and resources, while encouraging members to live.

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But there is far more that isn’t worth reading, such as the endless and boring articles about the author’s many tightwad creations such as Halloween costumes, party decorations, tighwad so forth. Others, like how to make a wreath out of barbed wire, are a little less so.

And one of the inspirations for that frugality was the Tightwad Gazette, a frugality newsletter that was later compiled into The Complete Tightwad Gazetteby Amy Dacyczyn. My only complaint about this book is that the index is not complete. Just a moment while gwzette sign you in to your Goodreads account.

After six and a half years, I was really ready to retire. I succeeded on many levels but I made mistakes, too. But more importantly, all of the articles, even the irrelevant ones, demonstrate a certain approach, a certain attitude about spending. Sometimes I really have to fish through to find what I’m looking for.

Feb 14, Karen rated it liked it. It has changed the way I think about spending.

Use it less Comparison shop for items you buy regularly at various stores. There comes a point where more work erodes and decreases quality of life rather than increasing it. Yes, you can get things for free. Trivia About The Complete Tigh In fact, the copies I read in the mids were second-hand.


What the reader should pay attention to are the articles about tightwad theory, any applicable reader-submitted tips, and probably the success stories. Tightaad are so many gems here, so many ingenious ideas for saving money. I was actually surprised to discover that there are people out there still writing about frugal topics with a hardcore passion and sharing it so openly.

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I do warn that you will never spend money without feeling a little guilt if you didn’t get a killer deal, or are buy entertainment rather than something to save you money. Let’s keep in touch. Her writing style is very conversational; she investigates the cost of things that most of us would never have the time to do. I say, buy a box of the gzzette cookies.

There are so many graphs comparing prices of products, such as frozen french fries, instant mashed potatoes, and bulk potatoes. There are countless ways to save money and stretch your dollar online: I completee found her recipes to be kind of bland – I don’t think I’d eat most of them if there tightad another, less-frugal option.

This book has lots of super-practical tips for saving money and living simply. Again, I think that in the time since she signed off, we’ve learned more about nutrition and that tastes may have become gaztete sophisticated. On the other hand, most people who reach their dreams quickly, stay out of debt and buy nice homes, without sacrificing their lives to their careers, are people who have a sense of frugality.

Sep 27, Jenny rated it really liked it. This was a pretty thick book, but it was easy to skip over parts that didn’t apply to me, and when she was “investigating” something, I skipped over the details and just read the results. Most of us would never dare to buy used bed sheets at a garage sale- but how many of us take our gazett sheets to a hotel? I had a hard time deciding what to say about this book I feel newly inspired tiyhtwad make the absolute most of my time, energy, and money, both for the purposes of saving money and for reducing the amount of environmental resources I consume.


The Complete Tightwad Gazette | Top 10 Personal Finance Books |

This book has a long waiting list at the library so I was only able to cover Volume I during my tazette Synopsis: I was wavering about whether I could afford to give up work and raise my son full time on just my husband’s salary and Amy showed me just how easy and fulfilling it could be.

I have just finished reading it for the first time and Cmoplete can understand why I was advised to read it this way. Dacyczyn changes all of that. The solution is to find the right balance of earning and saving so you can maximize your quality of life.

One librarian in Maine says that The Complete Tightwad Gazette is the most frequently stolen book in the Agzette library system! I do recommend this book to anyone who’s trying to cut their budget.

There’s a lot of “teaching you how to think creatively” sorts of articles that aren’t practical to most people, but are supposed to help you get in the mindset of using what you’ve got creatively to solve problems rather than simply spending money. Your dating style financial and otherwise should be consistent with domplete you are as a person in every other area of your life. Reference Business Personal Finance.