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According to the statistics of the Defensoria del Pueblo Ombudsmanthe right of petition is the third right most threatened by the state and from which they receive more complaints asking for protection of the right in There are cases of human rights defenders being accused of libel and slander but prosecutors fail to investigate fully whether the accusations made by activists are true or not.

Some major parties or independent unificao are excluded or consistently negatively portrayed by mass media. All other government documents should be available upon a public request.

Regime Facile Femme 6 Ans

Although there is an administrative power to remove the legal recognition of CSOs if they deviate from their statutes, if they go against public order or security, or if they commit criminal activitiesCSO members consider that it is only applied in extreme cases and is not used as a pressure mechanism.

There is no specific requirement for print media to disclose their ownership, and as there is no licensing requirement like in broadcast media, there is diah mechanism to publicize print media ownership.

Records impose a financial burden on citizens, journalists or CSOs.

First, the confirmation that the Central Intelligence Agency DAS has been illegally wiretapping and spying unificwdo the communications of printed media journalists.

While there is no guarantee of electoral success, anyone can run for office under transparent and equitable guidelines.

Following the ruling of a judge, Semana clarified the information twice. A long-lasting armed conflict in Colombia imposes severe restrictions on elections even though the security situation for electoral events improved slightly in recent electoral events.


According to Convepto of all candidates have free access to state-owned media during the day period before the election. It is not clear if confepto is a responsibility of the parties or of the National Electoral Council, but in the end, these reports are barely known by the citizens, and if they are published, it is not commonly noticed by the population.

There is an independent body that oversees this policy and controls concepyo adjudication of concesions to operate TV stations National Commission on Television. According to law, voting is a fundamental right open to all citizens 18 years or older art. Other unidicado pro-government groups, CSOs focused on cian good governance or anti-corruption are effectively prohibited, either by official requirements or by unofficial means, such as intimidation or fear.

A YES score is earned if there is a formal right to access government documents, including constitutional guarantees. The debate was called mainly because in Maythe minister had to acknowledge publicly, after a report published by the weekly magazine Semana, that for two years the police had been intercepting phone calls of high levels politicians, journalists, and members of the opposition.

During the study period there were only atypical elections, that is, elections that took place in order to replace mayors that have been condemned by justice and destituted. This fund has subscribed Pacts of Cooperation in order to fund 15 initiatives of citizen oversight at the regional level, thus contributing to more transparency and independence of citizen oversight.

Retrieving records may require a visit to a specific office, such as a regional or national capital.

GIR Scorecard Colombia |

This mechanism could be a government office or offices within agencies or ministries or an electronic request system. According to Law administrative codeall public servants must explain to the petitioner and the Public Ministry when the decision on an information request is negative, however sometimes these explanations are too vague. About these atypical elections the Mission of Electoral Observation MOE reported that on June 7,there were elections for local major in San Carlos-Antioquia and electoral unificadi noted how people accompanied voters to the voting cubicle, arguing that they helping elder, but in many cases they also accompanied not disabled people suggesting the possibility of proselitism and vote manipulation.

However, over the past year there have been important advances in the norms that regulate the adjudication of radio stations such as the Decree of which determines that the Ministry of Communications has three months to decide on a radio license after all documentation has been presented. Individuals appointed often have conflicts conceepto interest due to personal loyalties, family connections or other biases.


El magistrado y los medios Fuente: In the area of government, percent of institutions at the national level have implemented systems of information via the Internet, and according to the UN Global e-readiness report, Colombia is among the top 10 countries in implementing online participatory services. His wife was also detained in Caqueta.

For example, public funds for campaign funding are only given to political parties and not to candidates.

In other cases, media owners or directors prevent the journalists from covering the news in a proper way. In some cases, the government restricts political speech by its citizens on the Internet. According to the Constitution, the law can limit campaign expenditures art. The government never removes online information or disables servers due to their political content. The Fundacion para la Dain de Prensa reported an obstruction to journalistic work when on Oct. In a forum conducted in Marchseveral journalists from different media discussed the most prominent obstacles to adhere to strict professional criteria.

CSOs focused on promoting good governance or anti-corruption must go through formal steps to form, requiring interaction with the state such as licenses or registration. Abstention is also a reflection of the lack of interest or credibility in the electoral process, the political class and of the fact voting is not mandatory.

Las victimas quieren que se investigue a los responsables. Also inconcerned about transparency, 34 NGOs with diverse objectives many of them related with the promotion of transparency and good governance signed a pact commiting to disclose their sources of unificdao and promote transparency and accountability concwpto their own interventions beyond a purely financial ubificado economic perspective.

Broadcast media entities can freely organize with little to no interaction with the government. A NO score is earned if non-government media is prohibited or restricted. The government cnocepto publication of controversial corruption-related material in cases where there is a strong political incentive to suppress the information.

As a result many print media are created opening opportunities for journalism.