Find great deals for Crestron Dmpsc Digital Media Presentation Switching System HDMI. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The DMPSC from Crestron® is a complete, high-definition presentation control and signal switching solution for boardrooms and lecture halls. Integrating . Notice: Undefined variable: mfg_disabled in /var/www/vhosts/ip on line 89 Notice: Undefined.

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Crestron expands its DMPS family with new models 200- and 100-C

Professional Audio DSP The analog audio output includes professional digital signal processing, allowing the signal to be adjusted for optimum performance and sound quality. Easy Setup Every step of the DMPSC setup process is designed to be quick and easy using its front panel or Crestron Toolbox software, configuring inputs and outputs automatically while letting the installer make intelligent design decisions along the way.

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Mixer bypass mode also disables the Input Compensation control on that input. For specific information, please visit www. Provide routing of d,ps-100-c signal and signal processing of high performance without the need for separate components, saving time and space to the installers in each project.

Auto-configuring inputs enable plug-and-play compatibility with a wide range of digital and analog sources. A list of sales representatives is available online at www. Shielded cable and connectors are recommended to safeguard against credtron environmental electrical noise which may impact performance at resolutions above p.

Out of the box, the DMPSC front panel supports basic signal routing for easy testing and troubleshooting during installation. RELAY 1 — 4.

A full-featured microphone input is also included for applications requiring high-quality speech reinforcement. The analog output is ideally designed to be connected to an external power amplifier and used to drive a set of ceiling or wall mount speakers. When that input is selected, all audio controls on the digital output are disabled and the ability to route the microphone signal to that output is defeated. Using a conventional HDMI or DVI switcher, it is common to experience a complete loss of signal for up to 15 seconds during the authentication process each time a new source or display is selected anywhere in the system.

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In fact, the audio from any HDMI source can be extracted from the digital stream and converted to analog to feed an outboard processor, mixer, or codec, with the return signal feeding back through any analog input, which can be embedded with any video source to form a new HDMI output.

Some features and functions described in this spec sheet may not be supported using. The DMPSC is a complete presentation control and signal routing solution for boardrooms and classrooms. Contact via Form Location. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others.

A Scaler for Every Display Through a distributed scaler approach, the DMPSC affords a very flexible and user-friendly solution for handling multiple disparate display devices. DMPS range takes any presentations room immediately to the digital age. Ethernet is also utilized internally by the Crestron cdestron bus to manage the receiver and provide device control. Whether switching between sources or TV channels, Auto-Locking significantly reduces the time it takes each device to sense the new signal and rmps-100-c itself to handle the changes, virtually eliminating any noticeable gap while switching.

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The DMPSC is a complete presentation control and switching solution for boardrooms and classrooms. HD System Switcher The DMPSC provides high-performance routing of numerous digital and analog sources to up to four separate projectors, flat panel displays, codecs, touch screens, and other devices.

The HDMI, SPDIF, and analog audio inputs include adjustable input compensation to accommodate a wide range of signals and maintain consistent volume levels when switching between sources. Automatically passes 3D video if the display device supports it reverts to pass-through mode without scaling.


INPUT 1 — 4. Freestanding, 1 RU inch rackmount, or under-table mount adhesive feet, rack ears, and under-table mounting brackets included. Integrating the control system, multimedia matrix switcher, mic mixer, audio DSP, and amplifier all into one 3-space rack mount package, the DMPSC affords extensive signal routing flexibility and high-performance signal processing without the need for separate components.

Professional Audio DSP Each analog audio output on the DMPSC includes its own digital signal processor, allowing each output to be optimized to feed a power amplifier, codec, recorder, or assistive listening system.

Flexible Audio Outputs The switched audio signal is routed to the HDMI output as well as to a separate balanced analog audio output, with individual level adjustments provided for each output. CEC Embedded Device Control The primary objective of every Crestron system is to enable precisely the control desired for a seamless user experience.

DMPSKC | Crestron EMEA

Sophisticated matrix mixing allows for a completely different stereo mix of both microphones at each of the DMPSC’s three outputs.

Integrating the control system, multimedia matrix switcher, mic mixer, audio DSP, amplifier, and DigitalMedia distribution center all into a single 3-space rackmount package, the DMPSC affords substantial signal routing flexibility and high-performance signal processing without the need for separate components. All wire and cables are sold separately.

Input auto-detection eliminates the need to configure the inputs — simply connect your source and the DMPSKC selects the right audio and video combination.