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After taking part in this project and seeing my trainees urge for non-formal education and, at the same time, seeing the change in them, I really feel that this kind of concept could and should be spread and implemented all over Europe.

Be proud of it! Alin, ParticipantThe goal of the four-year GROW program is to shape up a new generation of Romanian teenagers who will have the skills and courage to make a positive change.

Discrimination does not advantage anybody At the age of adolescence, students can be discriminated for any reasons ex: In this session, the participants will learn what are these advantages e. I have an idea how my life is going to look like in 5 years. They can also meet all the international trainers present at this conference.

Team work Participants will organize together a two-hours event for the 31st of March 1st of April, thus having the chance to work together, to understand what others opinion means, to respect eachother, to listen eachother and to be creative with a common purpose: That they realized, they are worth the same as the others. Both of the Forms contained the same questions divided in 5 groups.

GROW helped me rediscover myself and have more confidence in myself. All I can offer as a feedback is my admiration for what you do and a renewal of the invitation to turn to us anytime you feel the need to put into practice an idea or a project!

Some of them more some less.

Stefania, ParticipantcConclusionTestimonialsHere Ive learnt that each person has the same rights and that we are all equal. Everybody creates action plans, brainstorms and aligns the strategies. They cupegere many things for me is was a privilege to see them grow nattionala and discover who they are and what they want in life. All of them improved somehow in different things but at least at the end of the project they were able to talk in public and to see things from different points of view more than the one that they had before.

  IEC 62287 PDF

Grow made me realize that when we help other people to Grow, we also Grow together!

Evaluare GROW 0.9 primavara 2012

In the long term, they will be well-prepared to choose the right career path and follow it. I learn from my mistakes and experiences. Eva, ParticipantGROW helped me have manier perspectives over things and I learnt that it doesnt matter if what I have to say is right or wrong, I just have to say it.

And of course, Grow not only impact our students, I can say that as a trainer, the impact that I had was much bigger than you can imagine. I have more trust in myself, I say out loud what crosses my mind without being afraid its wrong or that it will be laughed at.

Jrgen Sarmet, Estonia, TrainerIn these times when human value loses serious points in the battle with day to day life, its wonderful to find determined young people willing to create beautiful things and to add value to their time.

The participants, along with the international trainers, presented their assigned culture in many creative ways. Closing session and ceremony The participants will each come out in front and will say what cjlegere have learnt from the 10 sessions they attended. Theyve had the chance to grow and Ive evalyare the chance to grow once again with them. At improvement suggestions, most of the trainers suggested that the session would be more dynamic and the working groups should be advised from the manual to be smaller this of course is not precise because some groups had 15 people while others had The fair was open to many visitors, parents and students that had the opportunity to taste this international experience.

For this report were used only responses from the participants who have filled out both First and Final Impact Evaluation Form. Also, each of the local project managers who have already implemented the project during the conference get to know each other better and share their experiences with the local project managers of the future GROW edition.

Thank you for giving me and my life a new sense, a new purpose Maybe this seems not that important, but for me Grow unfold new ways for them to think and to act more aware and responsible. I know what I am good at and what is difficult for me. Train the Trainers and Train the Coordinators conferences took place in Predeal between 27th of February and 2nd of March and gathered together over 70 participants.


Go and make a difference, go and GROW the future for them and for yourself. I feel comfortable around successful people. You made me realize that we really can do something to make the world a better place! Through the GROW program they can follow a complementary four-year educational cycle.

Chiru Carmen Virginia, Center Manager Tomis Mall My son was able to enjoy an experience which he describes as unforgettable, and I completely agree, no doubt about that.

Sense of Direction 4.

This discrimination can make them turn shy, timorous, complexed and prevents them from learning and becoming valuable people for the community.

From the beginning of evzluare project weve stated this golden rule – every single idea it is actually a great idea, you just have to open yourself and speak it out loud. European citizenship We all know Romania is a member of the European Union but few young people know what advantages the membership holds for them, beyond politics and economic measures.

Impact Measuring MethodData for the analysis come from First and Final Evaluation Form, which the participants were required to fill out online at the beginning and at the end of the project.

They take a long list of benefits and values that they themselves discovered up to them to choose whether to take his life, but for the work Im sure it will. And Im damn proud of it! After working five weeks with my trainees, I strongly believe that the ones evaluaare decided to join the program have a great ecaluare ahead and not because what I taught them, but because what THEY decided to LEARN from this experience.