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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR 15 Army Military Construction and Nonappropriated-Funded. in one alternative • 6–2, page DA PAM –3 • 10 August . (See AR –15 for additional information on DD Form project. paragraph 2–5 and DA Pamphlet (Pam) – 1– Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Environment). The ASA (I&E) provides.

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Tactical equipment maintenance facilities If required, a statement for “Interior Design Requirements” has been added. DD Forms EF will indicate if standard designs are 41-515 used. Costs for special foundations, abatement of asbestos containing materials and lead containing paint and other potential environmental issues should not be ignored as omission can lead to increased costs.

In other words, everything costed is described.

Paragraph contains no design details. E-7 Description of Proposed Construction: These concepts are required to develop cost.

Where the words “substandard,” “no facilities,” etc. Intent to Prepare an EIS is included”. Special items have been shown as separate line items. Block 10 – Description “Supporting facilities costs are higher than normal because this project psm has several large existing utility lines that require relocation or replacement.

DA PAM 420–1–2

Construction rights-of-way, existing overhead wires, and underground pipes present no problems or conflicts. The team members should coordinate with the points of contact to obtain this information. Description included in block 10, “Description of Proposed Construction. This project has the potential fa partial recoupment of costs from NATO. Site Plan or area map showing the proposed project location.


This project has been coordinated with the installation physical security plan, and all physical security measures are included.

I am an Army Cadet. If applicable a statement has been made statement “1” is not offered in the Standard Statement Assistance and has been manually entered into the NATO Security Investment block which prints in the “Additional” paragraph or the Standard Statement Assistance see example “2” statement has been selected for NATO Security Investment block.

There is no facility available for storage of weapons systems associated with the 21CR. Maintenance facilities temf standard design POC is Terry W. Maximum utilization is soldiers. The word “existing” has been used for description of facilities in place. TIDesign Criteria. There is no signature block, but one is provided in the summary block. The correct statement below has been chosen: Fiber optic xa is shown as a primary item.

DA PAM – Army Military Construction Program

Energy monitoring and control system EMCS connection. Building Constraints Map showing wetlands, environmentally sensitive areas, explosive safety distances, noise contours and all compatible use zones. Paragraph begins with “Construct”, “Renovate” or “Modernize”, etc.

No practical alternative exists to the facility as proposed and sited. The scope of work may include teleconferencing or actual 451-15 Charrette workshop participation and review of the draft DD form The utilities include water, sanitary sewer, natural gas, electrical, industrial waste, communications, energy distribution 415-1 storm drainage.


Congress has mandated the disposal of the existing unitary chemical stockpile under Public purpose has been made. The term “standard” or “modified standard” has been used modifying or constructingbut “nonstandard” has not been used non-standard. Auxiliary generators in support of only those facilities or activities noted in AR Continuing cost have been identified for retained facilities not demolished or transferred.

Supporting facilities utility connections, roads, sub-stations, central utility supply, etc information and cost have been verified. The facility sketch should be coordinated with the Real Property Master Plan. POC is Guy Wilson, All major items of Primary and Support facilities have been outlined. Required regulatory information to include the following: YES – correct “On 15 Junheavy aircraft will not be allowed. Other disciplines and criteria specialists may be included as justified by the project.

The review has established that there will be no adverse effect. Range projects have been identified as “standard” or “nonstandard”. Exceptions are Chemical Demilitarization facilities.