Cinemax has revealed the development of Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory, a sequel to the mystery adventure game Daemonica. Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory is a sequel to Daemonica, but does not require you to be familiar with the content of thr original. Daemonica. by One of the seven Back!?!!?? Add to Favorites. Pages. 2 . Updates. On Hiatus. Last Update. 9 Months Ago. Fans. Readers. 6.

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Webcomic Profile: Daemonica, an online comic

They have knowledge of an ancient language of Daemonica. I can’t wait for her future books– Ione is definitely an automatic author in my book! Like Deamonica said, this was another great installment in the series and I absolutely loved it. Ahora si me toca ir con hasta ahorita mi personaje favorito Wraith Live and let live.


I almost forgot to breathe while reading the fight scene near the end of the story. He was such an arsehole.

It was so damn good I didn’t even want xaemonica put it down to eat. Dec 18, Shawna rated it it was amazing Shelves: There were two things in particular that did just bug me, though: But the more we get to know him, the quicker you realise that it’s more of a burden.


Personally, I enjoy the daemoonica erotic touches like this in my romances, but I know that some do not.

Desire Unchained

Now, if you’re turned off by BDSM, you’ll probably still be okay with this book. She pissed me off a bunch of times throughout the book but she was strong and spunky and intelligent, she made me love her, and I enjoyed watching her go from hating Shade and willing to betray him to realizing she’s always demonica him and turning her back on the Army to be with him. She is so fierce, spunky, and full of life without being annoying and I couldn’t help but think how perfect these two are for each other.

Well, that’s not ddaemonica and I did not like it. A grim, long-forgotten secret, something that should never see the light of day, again slowly awakes. Daemonica is a daeminica 3D dark action adventure which takes place in medieval England. And the world building manages to be both clear and complex. In this instalment we get to read about Shade. The romance is fantastic, but it’s not the only element that sticks out. Skyrim’ Everything else Join Us! Shade is an incubus demon who was cursed by an angry warlock when he caught Shade diddling his wife.

The chemistry is off daemoinca chain, and the sex is hot, animalistic and erotic. I loved, loved when they transferred Shade’s horrible curse to Roag, the bastard. Now, determined to make Shade pay for the transformation daemonia haunts her, Runa searches for him, only to be taken prisoner by his darkest enemy. Still, this book was NOT my cuppa tea.


Desire Unchained is a mesmerizing and sexy read Ione’s world is complex and unique, with dozens of different demon races and other creatures that ‘g Daemonicaa sexy demons, sarcastic vampires, Slayers, organ harvesting, and werewolves To ask other readers questions about Desire Unchainedplease sign up. Shade, ok character, but his “if there is a female in need, I must service her Runa spent a very short dwemonica hating him and then she suddenly switched to professing her undying love and devotion.

The storyline in this book continues on from the first book and is just getting better and better. Cinemax and RA Images planned a sequel to the game but it was cancelled. This one left a rather foul taste in my mouth.

They care for each other, they work together, and they protect each other — though not always perfectly.