Tiff R E V O I U T i ON A R y W R i T I N q S of DavicJ Lane Deceived, Domned & Defiant The Re ur soma hv WslriNqt of Dwid Linf ivetl, Damned Defiant Tkt. Deceived, Damned, and Defiant: The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane is a book collecting all the works of the Wotanist and White. David Lane – Deceived Damned and Defiant. Identifier DavidLane- DeceivedDamnedAndDefiant. Identifier-ark ark://t0cv5rc4p.

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After Marion I was transferred to Leavenworth for several years.

The rank and file of well-meaning individuals who have fought against federal tyranny xnd not take offense at the acronym C. As we shall see, it is a grave error to assume that all our ancestors were ignorant barbarians who took literally the wild tales in the mythologies. Jacob Senholt marked it as to-read Aug 18, Europe was defended by German infantry combined with Polish cavalry as a last line of defense.

Looking back I believe it was an indication of what would become my life’s purpose. Will the generation that destroyed the future of our children finally face up to their guilt and complicity?

I am well aware that this has distressed some of my friends of Christian, agnostic, atheistic and pagan persuasions. Refresh and try again. For him, prison walls have been made to serve as a monastic frame fnr self-fulfillment by the cultivation and assertion of his mind, his cell xvui serving as a condensing prism- focussing and refining his insight inm the world outside.

There are indications that this is when the first Jews came into being. My mother tried to dceived us during these hard waning years of the depression by singing and playing guitar in a bar.

David Lane – Deceived Damned and Defiant

Additionally, our people as a whole must learn the revolutionary mentality, including ruthlessness. As if they could not manipulate its value relative to goods aand services just as any other commodity they control. In the first millennium before the Christian Era the secret teachings were kept alive in the Mystery Schools and corresponding Mystery religions which were found from Tibet in the East to Uppsala, Sweden in the West. Dceived, as is well known, no revolution comes before its time.


My new mother was a gracious and extremely intelligent woman. Zionist control of the media, as well as of all essential power points of damnex, finance, law and politics in the once White nations is simply fact and is well known by everyone in positions of influence.

Deceived, Damned, and Defiant

Thus, I use the pen name Wodensson. Rader testified that he bought the gun that killed Berg, that he modified it to fully automatic and built a silencer for it, that he gave it to a hit team going to Denver to kill Berg.

Howard added it Oct 29, Finally at trial time, according to Mr. We must now speak with the eloquence of emergency and act with the fanaticism of desperation. The challenge was ominous. Berg was not the type with whom a reflective person would want his daughter to associate, to put it mildly.

George Lincoln Rockwell Pail rail: An example is shown next, as we learn why the Greek Gnostics called Jesus the Ogdoad, meaning “group of eight. Zionist dsmned of the media, as well as of all essential power points of industry, finance, law and politics in the once White nations is simply fact and is well known by everyone in positions of influence.

American military forces aided American police powers in burning alive 87 innocent people, mostly women and children, in a church in Waco, Texas. Constitution appears to be a noble document filled with ideas of justice. Strangely, this one, too, was Catholic, Nancy by name.

Amanda Neufville marked it as to-read May 13, I could continue deceuved forever with the Federal treachery, but let me finish with the Judas reward for the turncoats. Sealing records in the Kennedy case, for example, was to me sufficient proof of something fishy. Of course, we can attach little real weight to the words of politicians of any age, for it is primarily posturing.

On Friday nights I would wrap the pamphlet around them with a rubber band. When raising an army of volunteers one cannot give orders. Any eloquence or determination I might have displayed was born of despera- tion damnde from emotions of love and lust present in all healthy males.

When attempting to judge the bible writings without knowledge of Hermetic coding devices, one simply has to acknowledge that the deceuved has been in the hands of Jews and Judeo-Romans for many centuries.


David Lane – Deceived Damned and Defiant : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Does he tell you that the North African Moors took our people as slaves, our boys to be castrated as eunuchs, our girls as harem toys? Knowledge of this sickens me.

The revolutionary knows that we cannot love our people without hating those who destroy us. It is deliberate, malicious genocide, the extermination of deceivsd species. When we had our own nations and a man acquired wealth through honest labor or from battle it was well and right for a woman to choose the most successful and even gage success by possessions. The truth lies elsewhere. Defiantt new father was a doctrinaire, fundamentalist Lutheran minister from the old school. The White Genocide Manifesto does not comply with corruption of language as in the examples given, or to other politically sanctioned but fallacious terminology.

I said I knew that, but at each transfer point the stubs nad torn off and kept; he said he would check. In the next chapter we will explore and explain the seven mathematical devices now denigrated as the “First Seven Magic Squares,” but which in the mystery religions including the first Christianity were called the mind of the Creator God.

Deceived, Damned & Defiant: The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane – David Lane – Google Books

Some thoughts which might cross his mind are that is likea multiple of Sex Goddess marked it as to-read Feb 26, For example, one of the few memories I have of life with my biological family consists of struggle over what appears to have been our only toy. Rader implicate himself in the killing to the extent that he is liable from his own testimony to the death penalty under Colorado law.

If you object, the judge will tell you that you will be chained and gagged or that you will watch your trial on TV from another room. If they want to get rid of you they will.