Emmanuel Eni is a crazy Nigerian author who penned a page booklet entitled Delivered from the Powers of Darkness, published by. Delivered from the Powers of Darkness has 44 ratings and 4 reviews. ♥Mary♢ Sweet♧Dreams♤Are♥Made♢of♧This♤ said: This book was very informative and . DELIVERED FROM THE POWERS OF DARAKNESS (by Emmanuel ENI) -God , translating me from the power of darkness into the kingdom of His dear Son.

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Affirming something we believe. Christians Magic Satanism Living people. Life was full of misery.

Emmanuel Eni

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. If a barren woman goes to some deliverex doctors, after laying her complaints, she would be asked to bring the following: They brought out files where my name had already been written and asked me to sign beside it. Lori rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Who could this be? This man would even feed them but would refuse to be enticed.

This time she gave me a stern warning saying that she had tried during these visits to persuade me to come back to her and that I had been very stubborn, and that deliverred was her last visit. Is he still holding on to the Cross? As a result, the witches’ and wizards’ conference could not be held in Nigeria.

I stayed for two weeks and came back after receiving more powers. It’s a very fast read, about 83 pages. I was ignorant of the Word of God and never knew what the Word says in respect of the above. With all these instructions I came back to Nigeria the same way I went, and fulfilled all. Jasmine rated it it was amazing Aug 14, He searched for me and after a while he gave up. I want to show you in this book that these evil forces operate mainly tthe churches, market places, graveyards, jungles, hotels, sea and air.


Delivered from the Powers of Darkness

These creatures are used for the following reasons: Again, He took me to another room and when He opened a curtain I saw all that I was going to encounter on my journey to Onitsha and Lagos and how He would finally deliver me.

I became very angry and decided to take vengeance on the church. Again I would like to mention here that you can only confess what you ddlivered. Despite all these powers in me, I was not yet qualified to meet with Lucifer but only qualified to be his agent.

She told me how much she loved and cared fmmanuel me and encouraged me not to be afraid and promised to explain things to me later. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

The Scripture rightly says: The person should also seek the help and counsel of a mature Spirit-filled Christian, older in the faith. In that service we were four from the sea and were singing and clapping with them. I was relivered a new assignment: Despite all these powers I had already received, I still needed more and more powers! A demon went out of me and possessed a boy in their midst and he started fighting them, trying to rescue me.


A girl desiring to be like her would be attracted and would befriend her. When a man approaches us for assistance in this respect, he would be given a ring with a condition that no woman should be allowed to touch it.

I remembered NINA’s threats, so I stood up in the bus, preached to the passengers and concluded by saying: People around took her to be my girlfriend. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

The dictionary definition of confession is: No trivia or quizzes yet.

But her character at a point became suspicious. There are certain actions Christians have to watch out, for you might see a lady or perhaps a gentleman who suddenly touches your stomach or any part of your body.

Delivered from the powers of Darkness

Natalie Stewart rated dzrkness it was amazing Nov 23, I stood up, tried again and fell. We would send our girls to stand on the road, and usually they are very beautiful and attractively dressed. Then two hands came out of the moon, held my head, shook me and my physical body pulled off, like pulling off a dress.

When I arrived, I was told from that moment I would make the sea my home and only visit the world for difficult operations.