Sarstedt Desaga gas sampling device GS and replacement conical centrifuge tubes from LabFriend. Buy Sarstedt (Desaga) Gas sampling device, type GS from LabFriend Singapore, Gas sampling device, type GS Standard device for most. The GS gas sampler and the advanced GS can be used in the I/ min. range. The clear and concise menu simplifies adjustment and minimises.

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Both devices require a power supply of just 12 V DC at a max.

Gas sampling devices

The probes are availbale in a range of lengths so that samples can be collected anywhere. That meets the requirements of all VDI guidelines and other national and international regulations. The separating cells are held together by clamps, which allow spaces of up to 3.

The GS gas sampler and the advanced GS can be used in the 0. To meet almost every requirement, wash bottles desaya available in 30,and ml volumes with a choice of three washing inserts, plus an aerosol separator and an impinger insert. Sample changers can hold up to 10 tubes and can be pre-assembled in the laboratory.


The clear and concise menu simplifies adjustment and minimises errors. The design of the inlet aperture produces an intake rate of 0. This effectively shields the gel against the effects of electrophoresis products and ionic displacements at the electrode. Microbial Air Sampler The importance of monitoring and documenting air quality is increasing, especially in hospitals and in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.


Both devices require a power supply of just 12 V DC at a max. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices desagw exchange rates. The dimensions of the DESAPHOR HF chamber are standardised for isoelectric focussing and horizontal gel electrophoresis in agarose or polyacrlyamide gels providing optimal safety in the 3, V high voltage range.

For 2-dimensional electrophoresis, the separating cells are made from special 2D glass plates. It 132 of the basic device to which easily replaceable sample changers can be attached to accommodate a range of tube lengths and diameters. In automatic mode, gas sampling devices can be used for sampling volumes up to 9, litres.

The device uses the Anderson Airsampler Principle to draw air over a nozzle plate. The fully automated instruments are available complete deszga a high-quality PC unit and laser printer. With the rod gel adapter, the chamber can also be used for the classical cylindrical gel electrophoresis and for the first dimension in 2D-electrophoresis. Particles and microorganisms are deposited onto a standard Petri dish containing a nutrient agar which gss then incubated to determine the types of organisms present and the number of colony-forming units.

View the catalog Go to the Sarstedt website for more information. Using two troughs dishes also allows horizontal electrophoresis in various carrier media.

Therefore, they accommodate gels of all sizes, even mini-gels, or the use of additional electrodes for double focussing. The electrodes, in the form of rods, are tensioned on their lower surfaces with platinum springs, and can be placed randomly or moved to any position.


A convenient tubular sampling probe with a heating jacket can be used to avoid condensation. The devices can also be run independently for 10 hours at a medium pump rate using the GB 12 Power Pack. In automatic mode, gas sampling devices can be used for sampling volumes up to 9, litres. To accommodate and mm separating cells the lower buffer tanks are of different heights.

Gas sampling devices – Sarstedt

The watertight glass cooling plates with frosted glass covers are firmly attached to the chamber. Racks and transport boxes are also available for use with all sizes of wash bottles. Wash bottles and accessories Our wash bottles are used to prepare receiving vessels in the laboratory, to eliminate sampling interference, and to secure the samples for transport. The Online Medical Device Exhibition.

The GS battery-operated microbial air sampler is designed for sampling and monitoring air quality in operating rooms, production lines, and other controlled areas.

Diffusion barriers in the integral buffer tanks, together with the electrode holders, form a mm lybyrinth between the electrode and buffer bridge. To reduce cost, these are assembled by the user using glass plates and plastic spacers.