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Dr Allen qui a e traduit ces petits cartes Korens. Hunt, has his private house, belonging to himself, behind the customs hill, and the American Presbyterian mission have taken three sites, feet square each, just behind him, where they are now building. Maxs French was not perfect, but it was generally pretty good so I have usually left it alone. Papa e a nest pas bien non plus.

Maxs letters describe ordinary life among the European diplomatic community, as well as visits to meet the royal family and a tour of China. Its absurd that nine-tenths of the sea front of a mercantile concession should be devoted to this custom house and its??????? The gures of its net trade, i. Ce nest pas comme chez nous. A toi Helen NovemberSeoul, Nov.

Un phaisant est venu se percher sur un du cordages du vaiseau! Papa is also not dexer. In the afternoon we have tea on the little table that you see on the left in winter the furnace is even more to the left replaced in the summer by a revolving bookcase which takes its place in clicieux corner of the dining room in winter. Deer Island is of moderate extent, diversied in surface and being almost without inhabitants oers an admirable situation for private residences while oces for business, godowns, etc might be placed on the main land.


Ce D’Licieux Dexter (English and French Edition): Jeff Lindsay: : Books

But it seems to me that the younger must be the, how should I say it, the most taking? AH was again reluctant, but after considering and discussing the matter for a few days accepted.

Nos sperons quelles coninuerons. Je grille dimpatience de recevoir ta rponse et jai une peur atroce que ma lettre e ne touche en de mauvais mains. What do Max Heard in you say? You must not let her know I have written you this.

[Simon Claude Mimouni – Jean-Pierre Rothschild] (BookZZ.org)

Mme Low Mrs Lyndall Wintrops sister is very friendly and I can scarcely tell you how good it is to be able to chat at ease with people about the things of home. To the right there are four grand stained glass window doors opening to the veranda and the garden.

It would be useless and one of these days I hope to nish some photographs which will say more than twenty pages of description. But nally when one begins it never ends that I think of several things more that I need. He remained King until when he became emperor until his death in We were separated from him only bu the width of a small table.

Moi aussi, jai souvent dsir que tu connaisse M.

About once a week for a grand occasion I wear a corset. I am sending you a separate list of these things in order to be more intelligible. En attendant tu peux timaginer tout ce que tu voudras de dirent de e ce qui est chez nous sans tre pour cela sans conforts et de charmes. Please tell my mother that I???? I will describe them to you another day, with the samples. Brandt mecrit e quelle est charmante et jolie! It is possible that I will write her one of these days for the sake of auld lang syne My little Gray nephews should really be quite nice.


But all of this is for you alone and Russell to whom it will be necessary to speak of it, but make no allusion in your letters to Papa and Mama who certainly know it! Wonsan from its proximity to the gold elds has always had a prominent share in the handling of that metal.

If you could see the stu that he has sent me! A propos it was not Suzanne Bancroft who made a sensation at Peking but Marion Langdon a completely dierent person but I really must nish.

A meaningless term until you have experienced such a thing for it dees all description. Maman va comme dhabitude.

Is it not necessary to sign papers etc.? Car avec ces e chaleurs il est impossible de me friser les cheveux je les laisse au naturel ce qui est dun eet!

Etimologio esperanto – [PDF Document]

The question of the Foreign Cemetary at Seoul seems to be presumably settled. I was desolate at the beginning I did not want his gifts but the more I opposed them the more he gave me then I demanded Papa and Maman to intervene.

Cest le plus important mais il y a encore dautre choses. Kisses to the babies eexter the babies as well as to the parents.

Charg dAairs in Japan! Papa va un peu mieux a e mais il est tout de mme un peu dcourag.

No 1 as soon as you enter the door is in the corner you have a little oval working table on your right the bed is next.