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Technical Datasheet: DMEP Datasheet Through the Media Independent Interface (MII), the DM connects to the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer, . Details, datasheet, quote on part number: DM Company, Davicom Semiconductor Incorporated. Datasheet, Download DM datasheet. Quote. DM Datasheet PDF Download – 10/ Mbps FAST ETHERNET PHYSICAL LAYER SINGLE CHIP TRANSCEIVER, DM data sheet.

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Please enter the required data below marked with an asterisk. The MDIO pin is bi-directional and may be shared by up to 32 dk9161. A read of this register will clear this bit. This is useful for bit error rate testing Shipment is only possible to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

If this bit is 1, it means the operation 1 mode is a 10M half duplex mode. This pin is always pulled low except used as reduced MII. LI Active states indicate Full-duplex mode. The RJ connector and any unused pins should be tied to chassis ground through a resistor divider network and a 2KV bypass capacitor.

This bit shows the same result as bit 0. The on-chip clock circuit converts the 25MHz clock into a MHz clock for internal use.

When this bit is set to 1, the received data will loop out to the transmit channel. If a valid signal is detected from the media, which might be N-way fast link pules, 10Base-T normal link pules, or Base-TX MLT3 signals, the device wakes up and resumes normal operation mode. Indicates that the interrupt is pending and is cleared by the current read. Read as 0, ignore on write Link pulse enable: Read as 0, ignore on write 0, RO Flow control support: Active low on this input tri-states these output pins.


The 4B5B encoder continues to replace subsequent 4B preamble and data nibbles with corresponding 5B code-groups.

Serial Management Interface The serial control interface uses a simple two-wired serial interface to obtain and control the status of the physical layer through the MII interface. Datashet designer should not run any high-speed signal near the Band Gap resistor placement. This variation in signal attenuation caused by frequency variations must be compensated for to ensure the integrity of the received data. This bit is invalid when it is not in the auto-negotiation mode. Active states see LED U configuration.

Force signal detector SD active. It is important to note that Autonegotiation does not test the link segment characteristics. Differential data is transmitted to the media in TP mode. Reduced power down control enable: Figure 4 44 Final Version: During the transition to power-down state and while in the power-down state, the PHY should not generate spurious signals on the MII.

When this bit is set, the Duplex ratasheet change will not generate the interrupt Speed interrupt mask: No fault detected via parallel detection function Link partner next page able: The MII consists of a nibble wide receive data bus, a nibble wide transmit data bus, and control signals to facilitate data transfers between the PHY and the Reconciliation layer.

DM9161 Datasheet PDF

Parallel to Serial Converter The Parallel to Serial Converter receives parallel 5B scrambled data from the scrambler and serializes it converts it from a parallel to a serial data stream. The Band Gap resistor should be placed as physically close to pin 47 and 48 as possible refer to Figure 1 and 2.

If this bit is 1, it means the operation 1 mode is a 10M Full Duplex mode. Products described herein are intended for use in normal commercial applications. Adaptive Equalizer When transmitting data at high sm9161 over copper twisted pair cable, attenuation based on frequency becomes a concern.

  3RH1911 1GA04 PDF

Scrambler The scrambler is required to control the radiated emissions EMI by spreading the transmit energy across the frequency spectrum at the media connector and on the twisted pair cable in Base-TX operation. These two d9161 include various controls and signal indications that facilitate data transfers between the DM and the Reconciliation layer. After auto-negotiation is completed, results will be written to this bit. During full-duplex mode, CRS is asserted only during receive operations.

Products We offer only products that satisfy high performance requirements and which are compatible with major hardware and software standards. The power-down mode, selectacle 1: Dstasheet register stores bit 3 to 18 of the OUI E to bit 15 to 0 of this register respectively. D1 and E1 are maximum plastic body size dimensions including mold mismatch.

Send me a copy. Due to the built-in wave-shaping filter, the DM does not need any external filters to transport signals to the media in M or 10M Ethernet operations. This conversion process must be reversed on the receive end. F electrolytic bypass capacitors should be connected between VCC and Ground at each side of the ferrite bead.

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MF preamble suppression control: Single low-power Supply of 3. A1 is datashert as the distance from the seating plane to the lowest point of the package body. O Differential transmit pair.