VacuFlow VTi technology. • Vacuum mode: Vacuum [mmHg @sea level]: 0 to – • Flow mode: Flow [ml/min]: 0 to 90 and vacuum limit. [mmHg @sea level]: 0 . Each set includes: CAR EVA Cartridge with L Collection Bag AFD Disposable EVA Air Fluid Dual Tubing DRA Disposable EVA. Each set includes EVA Cartridge BAG Disposable EVA Collection Bag L IAD Disposable EVA Irrigation Aspiration Tubing (Irrigation tubing .

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The TDC vitrectrome also cuts forward and backward without closing, Dr.

Switching from vacuum to flow mode during vitrectomy without changing pumps is something that retina specialists could only imagine in their wildest dreams, but with the EVA surgical system, they now have that capability literally at their fingertips, says Gaurav K.

Shah, the TDC cutting system, which stands for two-dimensional cutting, is dorcc suited to the smaller-port gauge surgery that more retina specialists are adopting. See a missing Specification?

Experience of 50 Vitrectomies with EVA

A green nm laser with a wireless foot pedal is optional. Ad Statistics Times Displayed: EVA creates a new technological dimension which will encourage you to see further and find new solutions for Cataract and Vitreo Retinal Surgery. Share your opinion or experience forc this equipment – Review this model.


The EVA surgical system can switch between flow and vacuu, modes and accommodate small-gauge instruments. Only your Nickname and photo, if you use one will identify you — no personal eba company information will appear.

The content may recently have been changed or altered by someone whose opinion does not correspond with the state of knowledge in the relevant fields. The system eliminates the risk of unwanted pulsation and delivers the precise flow or fast vacuum, as required by the surgeon.

EVA Vitrectomy Pack VGPC Input 23G – D.O.R.C. Dutch Ophthalmic Research Center |

EVA ega an innovative cataract and vitrectomy system that puts surgeons in absolute control, all of the time. Please do not use this information for patient care. Want to make a correction?

The company says the flow mode can complete the fluid-air exchange eav the drop in intraocular pressure that can occur because of the variation in viscosity between the balanced-salt solution and air.


Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Automatic Infusion Compensation ensures a stable intraocular pressure during vitreoretinal procedures. The revolutionary fluid control system uses pistons and timed valves to control the transportation of fluids in either vacuum or flow modes.

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Designs For Vision | DORC EVA VacuFlow VTi Aspiration System

Optional integrated green nm laser with wireless foot pedal. Similar Equipment For Sale. Advertise Increase Your Brand Awareness. Your Nickname can only contain letters, numbers, dashes, underscores and periods.

Compatible with a wide range of laser probes. The vitrectome is available in 20 through 27 gauge. The TDC vitrectrome cuts at speeds of up to 16, cycles per minute and has vacuum control that maintains even suction.

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