Picture of an origami double star flexicube; Designed by Dave Brill; Folded by Sara Adams;. In fact there wasn’t an elegant way of doing this (in an origami sense). I used trial and error: firstly I made the Yoshimoto Cube (aka Double Star Flexicube), then. David Brill – Double Star Flexicube. Post by Froy┬╗ Tue Mar 25, pm. Hi! Greetings from Mexico. I have been looking for diagrams or something from.

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How to get A-sized paper from a square: In the diagrams Dave says to do two identical constructions. Never mind, I think i’ll be okay now.

Double Star Flexicube (David Brill): Instructions | Happy Folding

I searched up for any other models that have the same shape as the star form of the flexicube. Or, in inches, if you start with a paper of width 4in, then it has to be about 5. Hope you have some success! Wow this was amazing going to give it a try here in a little bit very impressive. There diuble many online conversion tools for you if you are having troubles with that.


Copy paper should be just right for the hinges. I had problems with that last step myself so i experimented and I found flsxicube my own step! But then again, I was done more quickly, too. I used trial and error: It should be a model well suited for 8 to 9 year olds. My flexichbe loves origami.

Me too I need help. Hi Sara I just thought i would tell you that there is a much easier way to fold the last step on the modules. I want to do this with my school pupils aged around 8 or 9. Prepare for influx of pilgrims. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But then again, it unnerves me if something doesn’t quite work.

Personally, I’ve folded this model three times or so, always being able to complete it without use of glue. Yes, you can use a quarter of the paper if that had the right ratio. If there is anything you can tell to help me, it would be greatly douhle, and, even if there isn’t, thank you very much for trying.

I decided to use slightly thicker paper for the 24 modules, and thinner paper for the tlexicube hinges. I always read the encyclopedia. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. My cubes are the same size: Studies of an old oak. Skip to main content.


I cant quite figure out how to make the double star flexicube Is there another way to make the double star flexicube. A4 is the standard printing paper size in most countries.

Notify me of new comments via email. Leave this field blank. I think using anything larger just results in too big a model.

Cube box and Double Star Flexicube

I’m not sure how big the selection will be e. Can I use half of a square for the paper because I really don’t like designs that involve so many complicated measurements that i later don’t have available and i don’t? The side of the starting sheet for the box has to be 5 times the edge of cube, plus a little bit to make the fit comfortable.