NOTE!!! This product is not in mint condition. Non-mint products have typically been dinged or bent or picked up some other form of imperfection during the. Originally published as 11 linked adventures in the award-winning Dungeon magazine, the Shackled City Adventure Path is the most ambitious. Shackled City was the first Adventure Path released by Paizo. It began back when they were producing Dragon and Dungeon Magazines.

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Dark Sun Dark Sun: Pyramid subscribers are permitted to read this article online, or download it and print out a single hardcopy for personal use. zdventure

Maybe something was lost in translation, and maybe our party’s general lack of curiosity undermined things my character had an Int of 6 or so. Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful player-created resources out there to embellish the AP, many of which are truly top-notch. After several assassins attempt to kill the heroes, they are traced back to the temple of Wee Jas. Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access.

The Shackled City Adventure Path

Join Date Aug Posts 2, GM also has the options to adust the timing to run other small things along the side if he so wishes, as the story does not rush the PCs along.

Dungeon Adventure Paths Greyhawk modules. During the course of the adventure, the city is nearly destroyed by an eruption of the volcano under it, which is triggered by magical forces. Copying this text to any other online system or BBS, or making more than one hardcopy, is strictly prohibited.

Join Date Oct Posts 7, The reviewer from Pyramid noted that: Spewing lava, earthquakes, and collapsing buildings require the heroes help to get everyone evacuated.

It’s a great idea for a mega-adventure locale and highly adaptable to whatever larger game or setting you want to run it in. The goblins are led by a vampiric bugbear, the eponymous Drakthar. This Alternate Villains version changes the later chapters more than the earlier ones. The setting is the star, and this first portion culminates with an excellent siege on the city that allows the characters to really step up and become heroes for the city they’ve come to know.


Pyramid Review

The Adventure Paths were widely lauded throughout the gaming industry, and the collected issues of Shackled Cityincluding extensive background and location notes on Cauldron and its residents, were nominated for and received multiple ENnies in To join this workspace, request access.

Once they break in and rescue him from the den of thieves, they learn of a secret meeting among some of the realm’s most horrific criminals at a noble’s mansion.

After several assassins attempt to kill the heroes, they are traced back to the temple of Wee Jas. This article originally appeared in the second volume of Pyramid. Thursday, 29th December, The denizens of the Demonskar also take advantage of the chaos, looking to resolve their quest to conquer the town.

Worse, demodands begin to emerge from a planar rift already building, and a certain local dragon gets riled up by it all. In this chapter, the heroes must find a missing paladin to stop an incursion by Cauldron to nearby Redgorge.

There is plenty of dungeon-crawling, so groups who are averse to dungeons should avoid this AP. I played as a Wizard and had a really good time. ShadowDenizen gave XP for this post. What few Cagewrights remain must be hunted down and exterminated in their jungle retreat. The player characters investigate recent kidnappings.

Page Tools Citj links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. Rarely do they come longer, although The Shackled City Adventure Path is a rare exception, consisting of 12 parts. March — November original seriesAugust collected edition. It always gave me a Sigil type vibe. Insert a link to a new page.

Shackled City main page

Taken as a whole, the Shackled City provides a great foundation for some very compelling adventures and role-playing. The player characters track the goblins to a hideout in a series of caves below sungeons city that lead out the side of the mountain. Now, for the first time ever, everything you need to play the campaign has been compiled into a deluxe page full-color hardcover that also includes an 8-panel fully detailed shackle of the City of Cauldron, a page full-color map and illustration booklet, and a brand new Shackled City adventure written by fan favorite author Christopher Perkins.


Will their swords and spells be enough to save the Shackled City? Overall, the combats are very difficult and were designed to challenge a group of 6 PCs with a solid understanding of the rules. You can also look at this thread where DMs share tales of Glory to get an idea of the type shwckled fun to be had. Compared to the patg, the latter portion of the adventure seems disjointed and tacked on to the rest of the AP.

Shackled City is primarily set in the city of Cauldron.

When the twisted mind of Adimarchus, imprisoned Demon Prince of Madness, leaks into Occipitus and begins resurrecting his followers, the heroes realize they must go to the otherworldly asylum of Skullrot where Adimarchus is imprisoned and destroy him utterly.

It was a bit of a slog. Still, the city and other scenery was lovely, and some of the situations it set up were very cinematic. Sasserine-Navalant shacjled – If the group doesn’t suspect the identity of the beholder by Chapterthis adventure can be used to foreshadow it.

Reset Fields Log in. Since it’s a bit reminiscent of a classical mega-dungeon shackle, you may not like eragons as much if you aren’t into that kind of thing at all. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.