Dynamind is an “instant healing” technique developed by Serge Kahili King, PhD , a prominent teacher of the ancient Huna tradition of Hawaii (King website. Serge Kahili King (author of Urban Shaman, Kahuna Healing, Earth Energies, and Instant Healing) has recently developed the DynaMind Technique (DMT) for . The Hawaiian Dynamind Technique for fast healing of physical & emotional pain. Posted on August 21, August 21, by Asaya. 21 Aug. Recently I was.

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That experience was replaced with speaking her truth, and a singing voice.

Hunaworks September 14, Publication Date: This is the web area between the thumb and pointer finger. I need to know something about protection – some kind of shield or barrier.

So should I imagine yechnique There’s something at the base of my skull – like a hatchet or an axe. Because so much had gone techbique with the imagery in the previous round, I asked her to check whether she felt finished or wanted to do another round “for good measure.

I technqiue to sense the shift and openings brought about by it! She said she had a lot of feelings of injustice. You might ask for an image that represents the blockage, so that you can work directly with that.

I’ll just cover that hole – it doesn’t need dynzmind be there. So I was pleasantly surprised when it actually did after the first few rounds! I’m going to attach it to my body in this new light. I’m seeing that long bone, the 5th metatarsal, it seems to need something. I want the hurt to go away.


She said she knew, based on her professional experience, that these things “take time,” and that still having pain is “normal.

As a result of this, the man who caused the accident took advantage of my being apparently unhurt, and the sheriff treated me badly.

I’m feeling really free!! Reappearance of the 4 told me there was another key issue that had to be addressed, and I suspected it was the prior surgery. So how would you use DynaMind if you had just stubbed your toe, or even if you sprained your ankle last week?

This time, notice whether there is an image related to the surgery. It is considerably more challenging to do all this alone, but techniqje is possible. Notably, she became aware that when her upper back and rib cage lifted, her shoulders could relax. There were also little hatchets in my shoulder blade, low back, and right hip. It feels like I’m getting in the indigo water.

Again, I encouraged her to be more assertive.

Dynamind Technique for Healing | Balanced Women’s Blog

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? The old way is a clock. At the end of dynamund round, she said she was at a 1, but I had a clear sense she wasn’t finished yet, so we continued. She is studying energy healing, with a view to becoming a full time healer.

DynaMind–An “Instant” Technique for Healing Body, Mind and Circumstance

Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Initially, I was just thinking, “Well, this is interesting,” and didn’t really feel any change after the first few rounds. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. I related my difficulty in committing to my boyfriend to past disappointments with various people and relationships, so I thought a “clearing” around this would be the session focus. Motivate yourself and follow through.


The ku is also responsible for all memory, including maintaining memory of one’s beliefs and “programming. While doing that, I’m seeing a large hole in the earth. Tap into your intuition. Ages 7 to 12 may attend the Family Course.

It’s awesome, overpowering, a little scary. As my number got down to 3, it gechnique to take a bit more time or intention? Get rid of self-defeating habits and attitudes. The next two basic parts of the process involve tapping on a few acupuncture points, and doing a simple breathing process. All around me are the beauties of life, which I techniqhe with gratitude.

These shifts freed her to move forward with her life, and physical problems resulting from the accident were also cleared. I suggested she add an image change to go along with the reprogramming words. However, having the remembered experience change into something different and clearly better is unusual in this context, and of course very Huna-like. Then I went to a meditation where I’m standing on a beach and everything’s beautiful and calm.

You might direct what they are to do next, not leave them out loose. I saw two owls hanging upside down on a tree. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.