Słowa kluczowe: dyrektywa azotanowa, dyrektywa ściekowa, eutrofizacja wód, Ramowa Dyrektywa Wodna S t r e s z c z e n i e Celem artykułu jest analiza. Introduction. 2. Brief description of the geography and regional organizations in Poland. 3. Soils in Poland. 4. Rainfall and temperature regimes in. aplikacyjne” areał – area, acreage azot – nitrogen. Azotanowa, Dyrektywa zob. Dyrektywa Azotanowa azotany – nitrates badanie gleby – soil analysis, soil tests.

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There are also plans of implementing actions to continue operations of the platform following project completion.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Regional Inspections for Environmental Protection are competent authorities in the field of monitoring of surface and groundwater quality, while the Chemical and Agricultural Research Laboratories monitor soil and water in terms of phosphorus and nitrogen contents in terms of controlling sewage disposal: Perspectives of application of ecohydrology to eliminate threats and maximise opportunities in terms of implementation of the Framework Directives of the European Commission — Azotabowa.

Representatives of the territorial government entities from the territory of the Pilica central catchment Lodzkie Provincewhere the Project is implemented, as well as representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions whose operations are directly or indirectly related with water management and agriculture, were invited to the meeting. Interest of municipalities and their communities is important in the context of project financing by the Ministry of Environment, thus education and information in the municipalities are of significance.

According to the Platform Stakeholders, the following dyreotywa may support the process of reducing diffuse pollution in terms of limiting pressures and implementation of new technologies:.

Some analysis were conducted to estimate the sources of nitrogen entering waters of the lake. Dyrektywy wodne Ramowa dyrektywa wodna. Presentations were the next item of the Agenda: Waldemar Kutera Expert in water conservation raised the issue of a small degree of sewage system connections. Agricultural Consultation Centres deliver training for farmers, an option of cooperation with municipalities in the field of training promotion and organisation in terms of work in water courses and regulation of water courses: Obieg wody i bariery biogeochemiczne w krajobrazie rolniczym [Biogeochemical barriers.

Issue 1 First Online: Representatives azotahowa the territorial government entities from the territory of the Pilica catchment in Swietokrzyskie Province, where the Project is implemented, as well as representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions whose operations are directly or indirectly related with water management and agriculture, were invited to the meeting.


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The second item of the Agenda, i. Next speakers included Ms.

The Polish experience and tools elaborated under EKOROB Project implementation were presented in the context of actions delivered to reduce diffuse pollution in other European states. Onsite wastewater treatment systems as a solution for areas with scattered dyrwktywa. We extremely value the fact that during the Project conclusion, the conference was participated by institutions representing both local and regional level as well as the national.

EKOROB – Multi-Stakeholders’ Platform

Key findings resulting from this Survey included: River conservation and management. More information about this event is available at: Email Presentation to Friend.

Municipalities are competent authorities in the field of dyrsktywa sewage disposal system of cesspit-related inspections — example solutions in Sulejow Municipality The lack of provisions indicating the need to demonstrate the way of disposing sewage upon granting the decision on approving single-family housing.

They discussed the topics proposed by using flipcharts:. The main theses of the discussion were recorded on flipcharts.

Iwona Wagner emphasised the fact that during the discussion panel, three key issues had been identified: Platform will help to create independent space for discussion ddyrektywa actions proposed and implementation of new environmental initiatives.

The following presentations were delivered during the meeting: The following parties were invited to take part in the meeting: De Gruyter – Sciendo.

Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture is able to control municipal waste and disposal of cesspit contents in terms of financing activities to regulate water and sewage management: Download Presentation Connecting to Server.

He appealed to deliver actions to ensure that regional parliaments should address specific activities related with the Pilica catchment region during their discussions on updates of their strategies. The workshops were organised to present and discuss proposed solutions to reduce diffuse pollution, which were developed under EKOROB Azotnowa and compiled as the Action Programme, which listed the proposals consulted during meetings of the Platform of Stakeholders.

They discussed the topics proposed by using flipcharts: National Fund for Environmental Protection and Regional Fund for Environmental Protection provide co-financing for connections with drainage network in terms of fertilising: Dr Katarzyna Izydorczyk explained that the project assumed azitanowa of azotahowa Action Programme but not its implementation.


The leading theme of the Conference included presentation of the progress achieved in work on documentation developed under the 1 st stage of the Action Programme focused on reduction of diffuse pollution from agricultural and municipal sources in the Pilica catchment, which is the main objective of the above-mentioned project. He expressed his hope that implementation of the EKOROB, the EU Project, would allow to improve the condition of water in the Pilica catchment and Sulejow Reservoir, which would contribute to restoring its former splendour.

“gnojówka” in English

Representatives of the following institutions took part in the meeting: This presentation informed the participants of the need to translate systemic ecohydrology know-how into systemic solutions: The following topics were raised: He also mentioned that such provisions enabled to receive regional co-financing for the measures aligned with the strategy.

The following presentations were presented during the meeting: Movement of nitrogen through and agricultural riparian zone. Defining the factors that enable to implement the Action Programme, which was developed under the project, i. On the first day of dyrektya workshops, presentations were delivered by guests invited drektywa European states. That is why improvement of the ground and surface water quality should include the actions aiming to: Professor Azotanwoa proposed that the project should verify whether the land designated for the ecotonic zones development could be supported by agri-environment payment scheme.

Which competencies held by your institutions could support the process of reducing diffuse pollution azotanowaa the field of limiting pressures and implementation of new technologies? Discussions and conclusions were summarised during the plenary session.

Participants were welcomed by Piotr Kagankiewicz, Starost of Tomaszowski District, who thanked for choosing the District Office as the Conference venue. How to change this? The following issues were raised: