A collection of the various figures of speech that are used in biblical writing by E.W. Bullinger. By E. W. Bullinger, D.D.. ” How is it that .. Alexander Carson in a Treatise on the Figures of Speech, classifies law, condemn thee [though thou art a J-ew]. E. W. Bullinger’s volume, first published in , clarifies distinct figures of speech used in the Bible. Walter C. Kaiser, dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

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Figures of Speech Used in the Bible: E. W. Bullinger: : Books

Di’-a-log-is-mos ; or, Dialogue Isaiah When the anticipated objection is both answered and stated Matthew 3: Hyp-al’-la-ge; or, Interchang e Genesis Chron’-o-graph’-i-a; or, Description of Time John Christ is also compared to a thief at His coming again. The repetition of the same word or words in an inverse bulljnger, the sense being unchanged.

Representation of objects or actions by words.

Unmarked except for owner’s name. Ep-i’-trop-e; or, Admission Ecclesiastes Cat-a’-bas-is; or, Gradual Descent Philippians 2: An expression of feeling by the way of deprecation. Bullinger has gone through every paragraph of the bible and written an extensive explanation of the parts of speech.


Randal rated it it was amazing Jan 30, When something pertaining to the subject is put for the subject itself Genesis Used when the sayings and etc.

Syne-zeugmenon, or, Joint yoke Ex. The repetition of the same phrase at the end successive paragraphs.

Figures of Speech Used in the Bible: Explained and Illustrated

Similar endings arising from the same inflection of verbs, nouns, etc. Insertion of a word or sentence, parenthetically, which is necessary to explain the context.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Ant-i-cat’-e-gor’-ia ; or, Tu Quoque Ezekiel Idiomatic forms of question Luke Whether or not you believe the scripture, these arrangements or words are worth learning now.

Even people of the Bible faced similar challenges about understanding scripture Acts 8: Neg-a’-ti-o; or, Negattion Galatians 2: Of two words, where the meanings are remotely akin Leviticus As fihures student of the scriptures for over 35 years, I zpeech long owned and used the hardback reference of the same title. The repetition of the same word or words at the beginning and middle of successive sentences.


Answering an argument by anticipating it before it is used. Repeated Epanadiplosis see above.

An-throp’-o-path-ei’-a; or, Condescension Genesis 1: It is categorized into three main sections or “Divisions” as Bullinger calls them; figures involving omission, figures involving addition, and figures involving change – each division containing a host of figurds.

When the species is put for the genus, or particulars for universals Genesis 3: An explanation immediately following a statement to make it more clear. The speaker, without intending offence, speaks with perfect freedom and boldness. A short sentence added at the end by way of an additional conclusion. Ac-cis’-mus ; or, Apparent Refusal Matt. Pros’-o-po-graph’-i-a; or, Description of Persons Matthew 3: Ep’-i-ther-a-pei’-a; or, Qualification Philippians 4: Great insight but tough read because of the use of Roman numerals, older fonts, and layout of the points and sub-points are quite difficult to decipher at times.