The British Council and EAQUALS have joined together to create a core curriculum inventory for the English language based around key. Sheehan, Susan () The British Council/EAQUALS core curriculum inventory – the core of English taught at CEFR levels A1 to C1. If you have been following the development of the “core inventory” by the British Council, in association with EAQUALS, all this will sound.

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How eaquasl these examples though they do include practice from Natural Grammar: Instead, it simply identifies key communicative competences. A Core Inventory of General English.

I tend to agree. On the contrary, it is meant to be limited and selective. Unfortunately, the results seem to suggest that participants were explaining when they had been teaching these structures rather than when they felt they should.

Certificate in TEFL

I find this development very sad and more than a little depressing. So, why do we need another inventory? Those CEF stickers were impossible to remove without leaving a nasty hole on the cover.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Thanks, Philip — yes, the English Profile fills me with dread. Consent has been manufactured.

But it does seem that the history of the communicative approach, from its inception in the mid s until now, has been a painfully halting two-steps-forward, one-step-back one, with major breakthroughs in curriculum design immediatey shackled to a discrete-point syllabus.

How about these examples though they do include practice from Natural Grammar:. EL Gazette, DecemberIssuep. TKT Essentials Routes to excellence. Here, at long last, was the bitish of structure to the phenomemnon of chaos.


The Core Inventory for General English

In this sense, it is entirely compatible with a communicative and task-based approach: So the Inventory is surely another step in this process of standardisation?

And now the core inventory. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. This is quite fun.

We can tell the students to start earning — and saving — the mcnuggets in their own time, and then use classroom time for activities in which they exchange and trade with them. The current orthodoxy, which amounts to little more than collective heresay to my mind, seems in little danger cpuncil collapse. So our B2 speaking students with A1 writing skills sat alongside A2 speaking students with B1 writing skills.

However, I think the point about the Korean robots is a good one. At counfil in my own case, this has had a huge impact on daily teaching practice.

The Core Inventory for General English – Eaquals

Thanks, but brutish cigar yet. Does this knife belong to anybody? Combined with mobile technology, it conjures up a vision of language teaching reduced entirely to the delivery of tweet-sized morsels of lexis and grammar, conveniently labelled and packaged. We are also looking at input texts, coursebooks and the like. It has also a slightly solipistic and circular feel to it — as if this is what we teach because this is what we teach. Yes, you are right, Jason, and I am watching mindfully, and with slightly sinking heart too.

Twitter Facebook Email Print. Regrettably, our institution, like every other, does not cater for such students.


Britishey Training Centre | EAQUALS British Council Core Curriculum April

While the English Profile will redress some of the weakenesses of the CI its lack or reliability, for example it may well exacerbate others the teach-by-numbers approach and, if based solely on native speaker data, will not necessarily be any more reliable, either, in terms of what is acheivable by learners at different levels.

Basically, they might as well have suggested we open the Headway series at the contents pages and see how they suggest it be done. Counci my humble opinion, though…. All thet research in ELT should certainly give me a headstart, or I fear, one day, trying to find something new, I may end up reinventing the wheel.

Sadly we are to blame for this debacle. Thanks for your comment, Alex. During the course of the year students will naturally acquire all the English they need to master.

I think this book hints at what is possible and more helpful for teachers. The book is simply unnecessary. Notify me of new posts via email.

Students make pairs or small groups and select sentences from the lists. And yes, agree again, minus the list of structures and vocab, it is entirely compatible with task-based approaches AND unplugged teaching. The CEF was one example, and I brltish the Core Inventory may prove to be another although arguably more difficult to adapt.

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