Registering your courses through GoArmyEd enables the Army to process your tuition You will be asked to read and sign a Statement of Understanding (SOU) . About your Army Tuition Assistance & GoArmyEd aspects of their education ( including recertifying their TA Statement of Understanding (SOU) for each term). If you are a new UMUC Europe Army student without a GoArmyEd account: select your degree plan, and turn in the TA Statement of Understanding (SOU).

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Requirements for Every Class Enrollment Assess your availability to take a class or classes.

The following are instructions on the new registration process for both existing students and new students at AMU:. Ewrmyu assistance provides financial assistance for off-duty programs in.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Initially, AMU will provide all students with these agreements as follows: It is recommended that you use at least two search criteria. This is because Auto Advisor uses data from degrees that are fully set up in GoArmyEd to make its recommendations. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Soldier – How do I resolve a rejected course in the Course Planner?

What is Tuition assistance? We recommend that students review the Extension Process and Policy section of the online Student Handbook prior to submitting a request to withdraw. You must use this information to complete a Prospective Student Checklist that is located under the Prospective Student View in order to complete the set up to use Army TA. Published by Clarence Uphold Modified over 3 years ago. Before enrolling in a class, be sure to consider the following factors.

Enrolling in a Class How to Enroll Once you have found a class that advances you toward your degree and fits your schedule, budget, and instruction mode preferences, follow the printable step-by- step instructions found in the Course Enrollment Guide located on the Reference Documents Page in the GoArmyEd portal.


Have you verified this with your Commander? Students using Military TA for tuition payment should register early and visit the GoArmyEd portal approximately 3 weeks understanring to the start date of their course in order to ensure proper processing time.

Apr 17, Date updated: Soldier – How do Umderstanding know when my course planner is approved?

In this module, you have learned about the following: The funds that were deducted from your annual TA benefit when you processed the registration request will be restored to your account.

AMU students who are considering withdrawal from a course may find that a course extension is an option that would allow them to complete the course and prevent a eafmyu. Enrolling in a Class How to Enroll The Course Enrollment Guide also contains instructions for using Auto Advisor, a streamlined process for enrolling od classes that are aligned with your approved degree plan.

Go to your AMU campus and complete your registrations as od have in the past. The Army is moving from a paper-based to an online based method for processing tuition assistance TA. Select topics in the Related Topics section below: Live Chat Support Software.

All active class enrollments will be listed on your GoArmyEd homepage. Degree Plan- A listing of all of the courses required by the school to complete the Degree they are seeking. Five Steps in 5 Minutes Close deals faster, more understandihg, more often!

Soldier – How do I enroll into classes using the Course Planner?

understandnig This module includes seven topics: Soldier – Course Planner. Get your GoArmyEd log in and password. Resolve any holds or recoupments on your account. The Enrollment Guide provides simple to follow screen shots of each step in the enrollment process.


To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The Course Planner screen appears and defaults to the Course Planner tab.

You may also receive communications about the ear,yu balance due if TA does not cover the full cost of the class. Location for reviewing a complete listing of classes you have taken to date using TA and related financial information Where to find resources in GoArmyEd to assist with class selections Use of the GoArmyEd Term Schedule to identify classes that advance you toward your degree Completion of class enrollments through GoArmyEd Process for registration requests when received by a college either acceptance or denial by the college Discussion of why a class registration request may be denied by a college Module 3: Create a Helpdesk case or contact your Army Education Counselor or College Advisor directly to assist you before enrolling in a statemnt if you are unsure of which class to take and: Soldier – How do I complete a Course Planner?

Input deal amounts and review the available lease options 2. Soldier – How do I enroll into classes using the Course Planner? Soldier – Why do I need to complete a Course Planner?

Soldier – How do I enroll into classes using the Course Planner?

Class Drops and Withdrawals. Currently, the online esrmyu is displaying as eArmyU, but all that will change on April 1, when the Army rolls out the www.

Auth with social network: How to Enroll into Classes using Course Planner.