Warforged Traits Ability Score Increase: Your Constitution score increases by 1., Size: Medium., Speed: 30 feet., Warforged Resilience: You have resistance to poison damage and advantage on saves against Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron . Built as mindless machines to fight in the Last War, the warforged developed sentience as a side effect of the arcane experiments that sought to. The warforged were made as the ideal soldiers to serve in the devastating Last War. Although they are constructs, they have much in common with living.

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Warforged Soldier A Warforged Soldier is what many first envision when imagining Warforged in general. In this way, warforged combine technology and magic in an unparalleled manner. At this point most warforged felt their first emotions.

Warforged Titan | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Warforged prove themselves to be useful to their religions and can take up the role of Paladin or Cleric. Warforged often have little life experience as they spent most of their time assigned to one specific duty, usually soldiering. Warforged who favor a particular deity often worship the Fury warfforged, the Keeperor the Mockery. For a race not inclined to displays of emotion, warforged produce a surprising amount of art in a broad array of media. Warforged are renowned for their combat prowess, their size, and their single-minded focus.

Warforgfd know this and rely upon it—as an example, some warforged now go into battle with self-inflicted nonlethal damage, a tactic outlawed by their masters during the Last War. The inability to think of violence on a small scale or as an isolated incident often causes problems for warforged in the settlements of their creators and former masters.


The problems that caused the Last War seem fberron, and the reasons for the Treaty of Thronehold are foreign to them. Click here to edit contents of this page. Thus left alone, most warforged warcorged solitary activities. Doing so secretly is a different matter, and adventuring groups and individuals fi nd that funding for their efforts to uncover more about the Lord of Blades is easier to gain in Breland.

Warforged Titan

To preserve his secret, Merrix is circumspect and runs the creation forge only sparingly. As free individuals, some have chosen new names as a way to express their path in life. In places where humanoid workers are abundant, it gives wqrforged workers a reason to despise the presence of warforged. However, by YK, House Cannith perfected and released the warforged, making the warforged titan essentially obsolete.

Warforged consider an individual to be their commander if they take orders from that person.

Warforged often have little life experience as they have spent most of their time working towards one specific duty, usually soldiering. They might be able to find solace among those of other races with whom they work, but many warforged find that other laborers are jealous of their tirelessness and distrustful of their warlike natures.

As an envoy, you were designed with a certain specialized function in mind. The warforged were made to fight in the Last Warand they continue to fulfill their purpose with distinction. Something does not work as expected?

Be sure to choose repair light damage as one of your known spells so that you can heal yourself whenever you have need. Some have settled warflrged into new roles as artisans or laborers, while others wander as adventurers or even continue fighting the Last War despite the return of peace. Warforged were created to fight and trained to follow orders; lacking a war to win or a leader to follow, many warforged are intimidated by the possibilities of freedom and seek comfort in roles where expectations are clear.


Although warforged understand this concept, they see more benefit from the spellcasting of an artificer, and most who choose to gain magical power take that path. Do they simple become non-functional? When the secret of warforged creation was shared, the creation forges of House Cannith began selling warforged to whomever could afford them.

Many warforged are adorned with heavier metal plates than those their creator originally endowed them with. Why are the sub-races not viewable??

In Thrane and Karrnaththe warforged are still seen as the property of the military forces that paid to have them built, and most warforged in those nations serve as slave labor, often used wadforged repair buildings and roads damaged or destroyed in the war.

The Cults of the Dragon Below: This command indicates that soldiers should aim ranged attacks or spells at an indicated enemy commander. Many of them adopted nicknames, often given to them by their comrades. Can only take 1 single move action or standard action in each round, but strenuous activity does not risk further injury.