KEVIN J. TODESCHI is the Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), overseeing activities of the . Auras [Edgar Cayce] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. KEVIN J. TODESCHI is the Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce s Association for Research and Enlightenment .

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It is the color of doctors and nurses, who invariably have a lot of it in their auras. Red — Red is the color of our base chakra.

As for the whole chart—the interpretation is more up to the edtar to its beauty. It is helpful, strong, friendly. BLUE Blue has always been the color of the spirit, the symbol of contemplation, prayer, and heaven. Its interpretation depends upon the shade, and as with all colors, upon the relationship of other colors. The second woman was wearing a color which harmonized with her aura.

Pat rated it really liked it Nov 12, The person may not be talented, but he tries. A knowledge of color associations is of great use in interpreting sign, dream and in reading auras.

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You also have a great deal of edgra and pink, meaning activity, but at times you smear it with more green ecgar white, which indicates your desire to help others irrespective of themselves. Then I can tell him when I sec the twinkling lights of success and achievement, or warn him when melancholy or illness threaten.


You should wear blue more often. In all cases of red there is a tendency to nervous troubles, and such people ought to take time to be quiet and to get outside themselves. This book is really just an essay and I am discovering that everyone seems to have a zuras take on what the colors mean.

They are apt to be moody and are almost always unusual persons, but they have a mission and they steadfastly go about fulfilling it. Sometimes outside forces bring about a change.

By watching closely you can even discover changes in your friends as they are reflected in a shift in the color predominating in their wardrobe. Edgar Cayce Reflections Show. We know that opposites attract and likes repel. So it would seem that our eyes gradually are gaming in power. Essay on Night by Elie Wiesel. I read this as a sign that the man was uaras information inspirationally, which he was using for constructive purposes.

The Japanese, for instance, are just emerging from a medieval civilization, and in attempting to see the things we already perceive they have strained their eyes ao that most every one of them wears glasses. The mind was associated with yellow. Heard says that apparently Homer caycf “the slight tinge of red in the purple of the Mediterranean,” but did not see its predominant blue.


We can only see the few colors between red and violet.

Edgar Cayce on AURAS

I knew a man who from boyhood ajras nothing but blue – frequently I have seen him with a blue suit, blue shirt, blue tie, and even blue socks. Xuras back Job Openings. Colors reflect the soul and the spirit, the mind and the body, but remember they indicate lack of perfection, incompleteness. Several times I have seen people in whose auras there were little hooks of light here and there.

Edgar Cayce back His Life.

Edgar Cayce Auras an Essay on the Meaning of Colors

Benefits – Why Join? Prophecies Yet to Come. Strive toward that, and when you see it in others, follow it as if it were a star. Almost any kind of blue is good, but the deeper shades are the best.