Charles Staley EDT: Time Management Meets Weight Training – Fitness, time management, With EDT you will aim to beat your last PR at every workout. Back in the mid’s trainer Charles Staley developed a very simple yet brutal method of training: EDT or Escalating Density Training. Well, we are talking about the famous E.D.T. (Escalating Density Training) invented by the American strength coach Charles Staley. Let’s go!.

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This effective program is for them. The funny part is…that it can also get you great results for building muscle and burning fat! In other words, we don’t need to win every battle, we just need to win the war. It’s really not that important. Comment below, or share with your friends.

And both variations are safe if you do them right. Here’s where most so-called diet gurus go wrong.

Escalating Density Training | T Nation

Sets and reps don’t matter. Then when you see increases in performance, increase the weight and go again. You can drive yourself nuts trying to determine the magic number of sets and reps for building muscle. Seated Calf Raises A Here’s how to trim it down to get better, faster gains in as little as 30 minutes. Interestingly, many supersetting strategies developed before EDT paired similar exercises together in an attempt to increase fatigue as much as possible.


Forget about rest intervals. Of course, all training systems approach this reality by suggesting an endless array of often conflicting recommendations regarding exercise selection, number of reps and sets, length of rest periods, and so on. But what about my workout?

EDT might be tricky to do in a crowded public gym, as it requires you to occupy two pieces of equipment stalsy 15 minutes. You’re already doing the big basics, right? Here’s what all that means and how it relates to building scary strength. Push-pull-legs is superior for any goal.

Less Time, Better Results: Escalating Density Training

Pacing is the key. Instead of fighting through pain as fatigue accumulates over the course of a workout, you instead modify your sets by shortening them, with the goal of maximizing total reps rather than worrying about how many repetitions you perform in any one set.

When you walk into a room, do people think you’re riding a stork? Don’t get a shoulder injury before you even start to do reps. How you accumulate that training load is another question entirely.

Once you get a percent increase in reps compared to where you initially started, etaley time to increase the weight slightly to keep things challenging. To get the most out of each exercise grouping—and still remain a functioning member of society the next day— pair antagonist stakey groups, not synergists. Training Less Time, Better Results: There are so many different opinions simply because the number of sets and reps doesn’t matter!


Coming off a three-month hiatus, I simply couldn’t muster the mental effort needed to get myself back in the gym. It turns out it makes them stronger. The goal is to perform as many reps as possible in a given timeframe, using antagonistic exercises, which work staleu muscle groups. Don’t start this program if you need to attend some social event where shuffling and moaning in pain aren’t acceptable. So if you find this system as valuable as many of my clients have, staleey send me a note and we’ll set you up with a new mesocycle each month.

Forget about time under tension. These healthed-up cookies will satisfy your cravings without expanding your waistline.

When should you not use the EDT technique?