You are bidding on an EICO model Sine and Square Wave Audio Generator. EICO model Audio Generator; Original Instruction Manual (c) Instruction Manual for Eico Model Sine and Square Wave Audio Generator ( 2 copies). Illustrated with diagrams. Attached to one of the manuals is a reprint. free eico manual pdf – mandalayschoolforthedeaf – eico manual find great deals on ebay for eico test equipment in signal generators. shop with eico.

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The 6SQ7 doesn’t fit in.

Instruction Manual for Eico Model 377 Sine and Square Wave Audio Generator (2 copies)

Sep Mon 05, 9: Sep Mon 12, 4: Here’s how I think things may have been changed: Manyal same tube compliment. Previous eivo Next topic. If it was an intentional change, the socket wiring will not match the schematic. A total of 5 tubes are used including a 6X5 rectifier. You simply have a newer version of the generator than the schematic that was posted on BAMA. However, there is no 6×5 not even an empty hole for it and the tubes are: Late model from I am working on a right now as well. The wiring on the octal socket appears to be consistent with a 6SJ7 or similar tube.

I also have an older version from I think the s using the older octal tubes. If it’s wired for a 6SQ7 the heater voltage will be between pins 7 and 8. If the tubes were loose how did you decide which ones went where? I didn’t even think about the original tubes being octals.

Switching the two produced an unrecognizable form, so I figured that wasn’t correct, or the instrument is broken. Eico or IS it? They were stored in the 90’s. Thanks for the info and the ideas. They all test good though.


I am guessing that in stock form the generator could not be adjusted low enough in level or precisely enough for the application without some additional attenuation. I did not have a real requirement for another audio generator but the price was right and I like collecting old test equipment.

Aug Wed 30, 5: A copy of the correct manual for your generator may still come to light. I get a signal on the scope, but not a clean one.

The VE6KQ Website – Eico Audio Generator

The tubes called out on the schematic you posted are octals. If there were a requirement to generate an accurate frequency I would connect a frequency counter to it. The audio cable that came with the generator looked like it was made to check stereo amplifiers.

The exact tube line up, internal parts, even the colors of the case and front panel could be different depending on when it was made. I am ordering the correct tubes. The mini tube was obvious due to socket size.

Silicon diodes are used for the power supply rectifiers instead of a 6X5. It is marked as and looks like a but must be a later model using miniature tubes instead of octals.

The way I have it in the photos is the way that I tried it first, with the 6BQ5 in the “north” socket, which did produce a recognizable sine wave, though not very pretty.

For a quick check you can just measure for the 6. I have four other pieces of Eico equipment. Sep Tue 06, 4: The Eico is also likely more forgiving. Users browsing this forum: As for yours, I think I see a diode on the terminal strip that the transformer secondary winding leads all connect to, eliminating the need for the rectifier tube. Steve Dow ve7aso rac. The 6FG7 replaces the 6SN7.


The only minor reason for this is that if something goes wrong while testing boat anchors, for example, and because of their higher voltages involved I would prefer to repair the Eico over the more precise HP. Hopefully I will get it figured out. I replaced the now 45 year old 2 prong cord and I’m replacing the 8uF caps throughout the chassis.

I am new to the hobby and am not real sure what to do now. If the 6SQ7 is a mistake and a 6SJ7 really belongs in there, the wiring will correspond to the schematic. Eico did not play the model number-letter game like many other companies did.

The only one that doesn’t make any sense is the 6SQ7 in place of the 6SJ7, since those two tubes are not similar. I hoped that since the original version was the same tube, that switching the two wouldn’t be catastrophic I readily admit that may not have a been a fair assumption and I may have just got lucky I also brought euco up slowly on my current limiter and Variac, while looking at the signal with a scope, and watching the tubes.

Here are some pics I thought it was an Eicoand it is labeled as such. Dec Mon 31, 7: