The general goal of this research is to develop a construction performance diagnostic approach capable of assisting in identifying likely Firstly, the construction industry is fragmented (Flood et al. El-Choum, M. (). Abdallah Elchoum Construction in Staten Island, NY specializes in bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, home builders, and. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Abdallah Elchoum Construction at 46 Richard Ln, Staten Island, NY. Search for other General Contractors.

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Abdallah Elchoum Construction in Staten Island, New York

For each activity in the schedule, taking into account the quantity to be installed and the corresponding production or productivity rate which assumes a specific 22 resource assignment and method of construction, the planned duration is obtained.

Annual review sees some U. During this review process, past research focused on developing construction performance models was searched out and reviewed carefully along with research directed at identifying important factors affecting various construction performance measures. Development of an intelligent decision support system for benchmarking assessment of business partners. The results of the experiment lend support to the assertion of the effectiveness of the diagnostic approach as compared with current practice.

It is also observed that use of a cause-effect diagram with quantitative causal models is widely accepted in developing explanatory construction 54 performance approaches. Considering the foregoing discussion about the two types of causal models and how to infer actual causes, the general overall structure of the causal diagram causal modeling framework for diagnosing construction performance measures is shown in Figure 3.

Waterproof exterior-basement is leaking. The ability to clearly express the states of critical factors is necessary for confirming that one or more of them is the cause for a particular performance deviation detected.

Three of the permits will expire about two months from now, according to the DOB website.

KOSTENUEBERSCHREITUNGEN (cost overruns): Topics by

The coefficients in the models, which indicate the strength of the relationships between the dependent and independent variables, are estimated based on the data collected. In Canada, as one of the ten largest industry sectors, the construction industry contributes annually more than billion Canadian dollars to the economy National Research Council Canada Although the results from case- based reasoning are often questioned for not being supported by statistically relevant data, the characteristic of this technique of being able to capture and retrieve the attributes and contexts of past cases as well as the one under analysis is desired by the diagnostic approach.


It is fair to say that the construction industry has its own significant characteristics and context different from other industries which in our view must be reflected in solutions proposed for improved diagnostic practices.

Overall, these research findings are based on the data collected in a specific time period, from a limited range of respondents, or for specific project types and activities. Compared with semantic networks the triggering states of the factors expressed in terms of quantitative or qualitative values can be directly represented in these rules.

However, these techniques are neither transparent to or within the skill set of most construction personnel, thereby severely limiting their use by most firms.

Although researchers have different views on what knowledge management is, most of them acknowledge that knowledge management can bring significant benefits to a company. Is the work environment free from organizationally imposed constraints?

Abdallah Elchoum Construction

No quantitative causal relationships were explored in the system since the performance measure studied was productivity, which has no corresponding constructiom causal constructionn. CPM networkwhich are axiomatic and always used without much dispute. A subset of the data collected is usually used to train a neural network, followed by use of the remaining data to validate the usefulness of the network model.

Back from the brink: It was found that practitioner opinions on the relative importance of some of the factors listed in the questionnaire e. In the past, significant research focused on data integration related topics has been carried out Rujirayanyong and ShiOwolabi et al.

In el-choim, the nature of academic research can be: The experiment was conducted in three phases, each of which has two comparable parts, and on participants with different backgrounds. However, the rules in the knowledge base cannot be flexibly modified by the users to adapt their experience-based diagnostic knowledge and very different specific project contexts.

Their encouragement, patience and endless love have been invaluable and indispensable for me during my Ph. Benchmarking of project planning and success in selected industries.

The reality is that construction projects are undertaken in complex contexts. But mistakes incurred in the planning phase could be the real cause of deviations in the execution phase. The model took the following form: Although expert opinion on probability can be used instead of using data from other projects to get the required conditional probabilities virtually a necessity given the lack of detailed data from previous projectsthe major disadvantage of incorporating expert opinion into such networks is the general lack of understanding of probability theory by practitioners McCabe et al.


This lack of access to data across a range of construction management functions has limited the usefulness of the various schema proposed to date see Table 3. Use of the system does not require extra data collection. Thus, like the regression technique, subjectively pre-selecting potentially relevant factors actually might unintentionally filter out other potential causal factors, which will result in missing some critical factors.

AMA, which is based on the north shore of Staten Island, had filed a total of 13 permits to perform structural changes and new installations in the city, according to the DOB. Without such a function, it is difficult to have confidence in confirming the occurrence of hypothesized causes. Such models could be important for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of real construction control practice, provided that sufficient breadth of coverage of different project and work type could be achieved.

Power 50 List Power Owners Magazine.

Without the expected baseline states, it is difficult to determine whether one or more of constructiob factors experienced a variation or not, and further, it is often not possible to definitively prove whether they are the cause of a particular variance.

Such networks can be used to calculate the probability of occurrence of certain causal factors, given the absence or presence of certain performance symptoms. There is no limitation on the project types and activities that the system can be used to help diagnose labor cost and time performance.

Nodes represent concepts or objects, and links represent relationships conshruction them. The articles were first categorized in terms of four dimensions: