An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of internationally beloved teacher Elisabeth Haich and her lucid memories of initiation into. Elisabeth Haich. INITIATION. AUTHOR’S NOTE. It is far from my intentions to want to provide a historical picture of Egypt. A person who is living in any given. Initiation [Elisabeth Haich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of.

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I don’t need a teacher that influences me, but a teacher who teaches me not to allow myself to be influenced. I began to seek. Finally she burst out, ‘For goodness’ sake! The promising business venture came to an end that very day. I observed his face and saw that he was completely convinced as he spoke about Man as the crowning achievement of nature. No material form of manifestation can escape from this law. For throughout all recorded time there have been outstanding people on earth who spoke out with unshakable assurance about the secret of life and even witnessed their conviction with their life—initiates as they have been called.

I found that all so wonderfully interesting! I began to tell stories from The Vicar of Wakefield.

So I could not expect to have them help me find the solution to this puzzle. In order to obtain otherwise inaccessible information, I asked mother from time to time to let me have a volume of the encyclopaedia in which to read up on some plant or animal we were studying in school.

My only interest in the soup was to play with the blobs of grease on its surface, stirring them with my spoon and trying to unite the little ones into one big one.


Elisabeth Haich

That is why, from early childhood he prays: Please tell me all about it. She gave father my letter and, all shaken and unstrung, said to him, ‘This child is certainly quite insane; look what she has written me’.

The only exceptions I found were the menservants in the house. That would be splendid. They were constantly amazed at me and I at them. Our two families got haicn together quite harmoniously, and from then on we saw each other every week. And then, just as suddenly as it had appeared, the horrible apparition released us elizabeeth disappeared into the darkness.

Just tell me that! But this colour was much more pale—as if diluted—so different ellizabeth what I had expected. Then he takes the little child in his long bill and lays it down beside the woman. But that was something I didn’t know myself, a question I would have liked to have mother and father answer for me! These things cannot be so fearful elizabefh a scientist spends his time investigating them.

A person who has lost himself is plagued by burning unrest, and the result of inner dissatisfaction, tragedy within the man, is always war, destruction, cosmic catastrophe. Our family doctor, with his peaceful blue eyes, looked at me searchingly and asked me very earnestly, just as he would have asked a grown-up, ‘What did you mean by that, child, tell me frankly just what you meant.

She was working in very close spiritual association with two very much younger men, one from India and the other elizabet the Occident, whom the old woman called ‘son’.

Elisabeth Haich

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. School in Crotone “Fakir. I wish there are many more books along this line, written by westerners. The souls are the same, whether the body is that of a child or a grown up.


After looking at the signatures, the younger boy turned to me with his voice full of scorn, ‘What? Diverse representatives of the human filth also play their role in the universal process of the Evolution. Most of them go through life as if they would never be obliged to die and hajch if their loved ones were not mortal beings.

Mother thought I was going to my friend’s house, while her mother thought she was coming to mine. A friendly comment can sometimes drive away all my doubts. Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.

If you are at all interested in ancient Egyptian priesthood rituals ahembe aware that you have to get through the first pages before she comes to them. At such times I had to go for a walk with Grete and with Sophie, the grown-up daughter of the wizened old farmer’s wife.

If spirituality as a genre interests you, Initiation is a must read! He was a tall man with a face like ivory; hair, beard and moustache as black as ebony, eyes glowing black, and he always radiated so much force and strength, that everybody around him was kept at a certain distance. In a way, one needs the resistance hauch the negative forces to rise up against. Jun 25, Jillianfly rated it it was amazing.

Now he was so close I could feel his hot breath on my neck