Isolasi dan Elusidasi Struktur Kimia Antimikroba yang Dihasilkan Oleh Aktinomisetes Laut. Article (PDF Available) · June with 50 Reads. Isolasi, Identifikasi, Dan Elusidasi Struktur Senyawa Alkaloid Dalam Ekstrak Metanol-asam Nitrat Dari Biji Mahoni Bebas Minyak (Swietenia Macrophylla, King). New potential antifungal antibiotics UK-2A, B, C and D were elucidated as nine membered dilactone derivatives, isolated from mycelial cake of an actinomycete .

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Elusidasi Struktur Senyawa Organik Pdf Merge – sevensimply

Transgenic fish technology is a potential modern technique in producing better character organism through DNA recombinant of target genes including anti viral gene for improvement of shrimp immunity. Poly-l-lysine-coated culture vessels enhanced growth of lymphoid sgruktur, while the application of vertebrate growth factors did not, except insulin-like growth factor-1 IGF This approach has substantially increased expressed sequence and DNA marker resources for tiger shrimp and is a useful resource for QTL mapping and association studies for evolutionarily and commercially important traits.

The purposed of this reseach that is to learning about management system of traditional shrimp ponds in Nunukan Island. From the results, it was observed that this can be able to correlate the growth of vibrio species to a limited condition and other environmental parameters for which it will be able to find the remedial measures to prevent the growth and spreading of the diseases.

Experimental infection showed that smaller and thin-shelled crustaceans were more. This study aimed to investigate the impacts of enrofloxacin on oxidative stress in hepatopancreas and gills of black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon. The objective of thepresent study was to assess the growth of shrimp with varying lecithin doses.

Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui konsentrasi DNA gen antivirus yang optimal sebagai bahan transfer gen ke embrio menggunakan metode transfeksi. In contrast to these observations, no such adherences or linkages were seen when trials were conducted with non-pathogenic Vibrio spp.


Bakteri ini tidak bersifat patogen terhadap udang windu, dapat menghambat pertumbuhan bakteri V. Subdistrict of Binusan has area wide about. LAY Full Text Available This study was carried out to obtain Vibrio isolates able to function as biocontr ol of vibriosis in shrimp hatchery.

The result of this reseach indicated that the area wide of traditional ponds in this Island struktyr differences. To ensure sustainability of the shrimp industry, production capacity and disease outbreak prevention must be improved.

Meskipun demikian optimalisasi komponen teknologi tersebut masih perlu dilakukan.

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Along with telomerase activity, telomere repeats and an attempt on identification of telomerase reverse transcriptase PmTERT were made. Harveyi, dan potensial dijadikan sebagai bakteri probiotik pada budidaya udang windu.

Within shrimp populations Strruktur is transmitted very fast, however, the modes and dynamics of transmission of this virus are not well understood. Sintasan, produksi, dan nilai konversi pakan dihitung setelah udang dipanen. Harveyi MR was obtained from Maros, South-Sulawesi and was made as a rifampicin resistant mutant RFR to screen for those 31 Vibrio isolates in in vitro assays and to allow us to monitor their presence in shrimp larvae and larval rearing water. It isimportant to determine the usefulness of lecithin in the growth of P.

Via an sgruktur bioinformatics workflow, 41 L. Embrio hasil transfeksi ditetaskan pada stoples berisi air laut sebanyak 2 L yang diletakkan pada waterbath.

Cooking cannot therefore be considered as a safeguard against harmful nitroimidazole residues in shrimp. Five phyla, Actinobacteria, Fusobacteria, Proteobacteria, Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes, were found in all shrimp from both wild and domesticated environments. The research was conducted to analyze the characteristics anti viral gene isolated from tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon. Monodon must be able to colonize the digestive tract, particularly the stomach, where chitin is present, and then they use an array of virulent factors and enzymes to infect their host resulting in disease.

To examine the structure of the oviduct of the shrimp Penaeus monodon. We examined telomerase activity in tissues and lymphoid cell culture of Penaeus monodon.


The longest inserted cDNA is about 1. Comparison of amino acid sequences showed that tiger shrimp GPx is more closely related to vertebrate GPx1, in accordance with those in Litopenaeus vannamei and Macrobrachium rosenbergii.

The partial coding sequence of bp and 91 deduced amino acid residues possessed conserved cysteine residues characteristic of the shrimp crustins. The methods of this research were: Fisheries sector occupies a very important. Tissue-wise expression of crustin-like AMP on administration of C. Bacteria could be detected throughout the experiment in some individuals; however in lymphoid tissue, gill, heart and haemolymph of all vibrio injected shrimp, the bacteria could be observed only 5 min after injection.

As the fastest growing among various agricultural commodities.

Elusidasi Struktur Molekul Uk-3, Uk-4 Dan Uk-5, Senyawa Bioaktif Dari Streptomyces SP. 517-02.

These confirm that under a controlled clear water culture system, partialor complete replacement of soybean lecithin in a commercial diet for P. The solid fraction was used to produce chitin by deproteination and demineralization. Tingkat kerusakan organ paling tinggi terdapat pada kelompok penelitian ke-2 uji tantang setelah 14 hari. While some of the predicted peptides are known L. The PmSPS expression by hemocytes significantly increased in stage C, and xtruktur gradually decreased until stage A, suggesting that the cloned PmSPS in hemocytes might play a role in viability by renewing hemocytes and antioxidative stress response for new exoskeleton synthesis during the molt cycle of shrimp.

In this context, development of primary cell cultures from lymphoid eluidasi was standardized. Enam petak tambak masing-masing ukuran sekitar 4.

Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengetahui karakteristik gen anti virus yang diisolasi dari udang windu, Penaeus elusisasi. Sake S were noted during the study. Additionally, telomerase considered as a marker for cell proliferation and immortalization in eukaryotes.