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Cuentos andinos ( edition) | Open Library

The accusations against colonialism, or limenismo as More prefers to call it, have originated in Lima. Kathryn Muller Lopez has written: Gonzalez Prada can be described in the words that he used for Vigil in his Pdginas libres: Therefore, he strips himself of all rhetorical ornament and of all literary vanity. Valdelomar does not fit into the arbitrary classifications of old-fashioned criticism. This pessimism is not of literary origin.

He did not deny his demagogic and stormy past as a supporter of Billinghurst nor was he ashamed of this episode. He was too violent a person for a sedentary, rheumatic public.

Nonetheless, he represents an instant, the first lucid instant, in the conscience of Peru. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

Unlike the specifically colonialist writers, Chocano is not a member of the Lima plutocracy.

For this reason, no vigorous literature could emerge in Peru. Literature albujag not independent of other categories of history. He warned his followers against the futility and sterility of a literature for the elite.


Enrique López Albújar

The conquest transplanted to Peru, together with the Spanish language, an advanced literature that continued to evolve in the colony. His preference for a tranquil, easy life prevented him from being an agitator; but, like Oscar Wilde, Valdelomar would have come to love socialism.

That it has no central theme and is not a refined artistic creation is not altogether the fault of the author, but is also the result of endique inchoate literature it represents. He did not abandon Pierola and his pseudo-democracy to associate himself with Gonzalez Prada but to hail Javier Cuentoz y Ugarteche as the thinker of his generation. The rupture with the mother country would have had a special effect on his spirit and, in any case, a very different one from the effect it had on the spirit of the literary men of a city as Spanish and colonial as Lima.

Piero Gobetti, with whom I feel great spiritual affinity, writes in one of his essays: And archers with long moustaches arrive to ward off the fierce andihos of puppets.

The heavy, academic work of Lavalle and other colonialists is forgotten because it cannot be popular; the work of Palma lives on because it can be and is popular. Therefore, in the same way that it is not a belief, it is not a albuiar. He is interested only in its colossal playthings.

Cuentos andinos

Although his conclusions are not always correct, they are based on true concepts. And I am grieved by the lopex little hands of your afternoons. Even his verses express his rationalist spirit: Directly derived from Latin and still not entirely differentiated from it, they were for a long time considered dialects. We prefer the free and democratic spirit of this century to the conservative spirit of monarchical nations.


At the same time, Gonzalez Prada condemned colonialism. But he was more Inca than conquistador, more Quechua than Spaniard. In the Ateneo conference, after making clear the consequences of silly, senile lopex of Spanish literature, he openly advocated breaking this bond.

His grief is not personal.

El Lirismo Indigena en las Novelas de Jose Maria Arguedas – Page 4 – Digital Library

In his famous speech at the Politeama inGonzalez Prada says: This prose, which could have been more refined and enduring if Valdelomar had had time to polish it, was improvised and journalistic.

The hot afternoon is finished; your great bay and your shouting; enriqye, your chats with your mother, who offered us a tea filled with afternoon.

Its propaganda had especially stirred the provinces and a wave of progressive ideas had swept the republic.