ANSYS EnSight is a 3D post-processing and visualization software program to analyze, visualize and communicate your simulation and experimental data. EnSight® is a registered trademark of Computational Engineering International, Inc. All (For a step-by-step tutorial please see How To Read Data). Changes . CEI has completely revamped their Ensight website, and the new site contains several tutorials on some of the more advanced functions. In addition to simply.

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File Format Issues Issues with tecplot. September 10, I just wanted to know if expecting the forward and backward pathlines to look very similar to each other is expecting too much accuracy for the EnSight’s pathline calculation method.

You’ll have to either play the transient data from the recorder or run it through the keyframe animator. It consolidates data from multiple engineering simulations and other sources to help explore and explain complex systems and processes.

September 17, I always ensighf that the examples easier to glean the information from then dig into the doc for a few specific formatting explanations.

EnSight Graphing and Plotting Tutorials

When creating pathlines for transient data do the time steps have to be equally spaced, or can they vary. Since the povray interface outputs geometry it can not interface to the flipbook.

But, from within EnSight, can I also display the scalar difference on the computational domain? The forward pathlines are similar to the backward ones for a short time, but then deviate substantially.


Because for a path line, a trace can exit a domain, and then reappear in the domain at a latter time. Uses batch and interactive operations to run explorations during the day while EnSight completes batch post-processing overnight Displays multiple viewports to provide large overviews and detailed views at the same time, or to study multiple models concurrently.

Also, I have noticed that sometimes the GUI truncates the number of significant digits of an emitter point. Media Presentation by Arias, et al. Views can be linked for easy comparison across a number of perspectives Supports batch or interactive operations, local data or client-server, utilizing up to 8 threads for each.

This is the old game of trying to approximate a non-linear solution with multiple linear decisions.

If you are trying to query through ensigt fluid domain, make sure that your fluid domain part s are selected. So this can be a source of error. Essentially it would be best to not pick the last point of the trace to be the starting point for the reverse trace, but the 2nd to the last due to the tuotrial interpolation approximation that is done for the last point.

Actually the part is well selected.

One way to hutorial this is in the Node, element and line attributes turndown area of the Feature Detail Editor for the part of interest. Download or play the following three files Shockwave files. September 6, It is described in the HowTos. BB code is On. Analyze, visualize, and communicate your simulation results. Web problem or question? It is a data fusion program. The time now is Do I have to worry about “Full Backup” compatibility issues when EnSight goes through a letter upgrade, like from d to eetc.?


The procedure worked fine. It is possible for these to titorial on the reverse integration route. If there is a place in the manual that describes this, please just point me to the section.

For example, if the times at which I have data dumps are 0. But if the trace leaves and enters the domain – not much you can do here.

can’t plot in ensight ! — CFD Online Discussion Forums

I then took the ending x, y, z and time values from the backward created pathlines and made an EnSight Particle Emitter File.

Note, you can use a “grid” clip, rather than “mesh”, so that you can control the number of sample points along the clip Can I output to a file scalars ttorial a pathline? Access this from the VIEW mode tool. The format that K3TOM5 use to dump data is ‘e Basically, it allows you to take a part and project values from a different case on to it thus creating a new variable.

Scalar colored streamlines do not match the scalar values at the current time step, what could be wrong?