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All the red and yellow LED’s above the Instrument-Track buttons will light and the Display will read “ENSONIQ EPS.” If there is no disk in the drive the Display will. This Manual is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by ENSONIQ Corp. .. Congratulations, and thank-you for your purchase of the ENSONIQ EPS Way back in or so, I bought myself an Ensoniq EPS keyboard. . They even sell the disks that came with the EPS, the User’s Manual, the Maintenance.

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If there are already one or more Instruments loaded into the EPS, there might not be enough free memory to load the new one.

If there is empty space silence at the beginning of the sample: The EPS has a simple procedure for selecting the current Waves ample: Ensoniqq default values are the same as the X-Fade Loop. In a pinch you can copy a floppy back onto itself, but this is dangerous.

Push the Sample button. You should be able to hear Wavesamples, “one, two, and three” when you play middle C on the keyboard. First we need a source – a microphone, synthesizer, the output of a mixer, etc.

Hit Editthen Instrument. This is a “sound sculpting” tool that will enable you to shape the volume contour of the Waveform.

An easy way to edit your Mirage. However, because there can be large numbers of Wavesamples inside a single Instrument, the EPS provides two ways of editing more than one Wavesample at once. Any previously selected or stacked Instruments will be “covered up” wherever their ranges overlap with that of the newly mnual one. The EPS will create a new unnamed Instrument in the location you indicated. Fizmo – Planet Groove. The range of an Instrument can be as much ensoiq the full 88 keys of a grand piano for playing the EPS from enskniq note controller via MIDI or as little as a single key.


This command maximizes the dynamic range of a Wavesample. If the disk in the drive is not an O.


That’s like multiplying the whole range of data by the same number. The Replicate command is used when you want to append a section of wavedata to itself until the entire wavesample is filled. For each of the four possible Patches, any of these eight Layers can be made to play or to remain silent.

Ensojiq would end up with a click because of an abrupt change in amplitude.

Note that formatting will completely erase anything on the disk. All three Layers are now set to respond to Velocity. If you want to trick-out your EPS, this is the place to start. As soon as any of the Instruments is finished loading you can select that Instrument and play while the rest of the Bank loads.

Now the new home of the the old Oakland archive. This command effectively resamples a sound at a different sampling rate.

Now that we have our Wavesamples, let’s get Velocity in the act Scroll left or right until the Parameter is showing on the Display. How to set up, navigate, and optimize a SCSI drive As you play the signal into the EPS or speak into the mic if you have a microphone plugged into the Audio In you will see the level change on the Display.


Each file has its own File Number. When the button is released, the Program change is sent. The format you want for EPS floppies is called:. That’s Wavesample number one, in Layer 1. Press the Right Arrow button again: Use the Up and Down Arrow buttons to adjust the sampling threshold to a higher or lower level.

ENSONIQ EPS Musician’s Manual

As it loads each Instrument the Display tells you what it doing. How to program an arpeggiator in your sampler If you used your voice as a source, you should hear “one, two, manuaal three when you play middle C. Button again, pick the same Sample Instrument. Michael Batterman’s pages with samples to download as well as tips and tricks. They would mark the 10th sector in every track as bad even though it wasn’t really.

Books and Manuals for the Ensoniq ASR, EPS and EPS Plus Samplers

Plus maintenance tips and other useful technical information. Or, if you don’t stop it by pressing Cancel or the foots witch, the EPS will continue sampling until it has used up all the available memory. If, like me, you have old firmware in your EPS ensojiq 2.