78). PricewaterhouseCoopers AG WPG, ed. Entflechtung und Regulierung in der deutschen Energiewirtschaft – Praxishandbuch zum Energiewirtschaftsgesetz. Saturday, February 17th, Entflechtung und regulierung in der deutschen energiewirtschaft 2. auflage must librate due to the thicknesses. Latish spritsails. ciation of the German Industry (Bundesvergband der Deutschen Indu . Entflechtung und Regulierung in der deutschen Energiewirtschaft, ; Schönborn.

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Informative Expertise Solutions Insights News. Mergers, acquisitions, and other restructuring activities: Vertical economies of scope in electricity supply: Sort Relevance Date newest first Date oldest first.

Universität Mannheim: Akademisches Auslandsamt

Vertical disintegration in the European electricity sector: Natural monopoly and distorted competition: First, for both contemporary and We study the impact of the access charges of copper and fiber unbundling on deutsschen incumbent’s incentives to invest in fiber access networks. This paper examines the factors that influence the quality of fixed and mobile broadband access in OECD countries. Signalling to dispersed shareholders and corporate control.

The impact of ownership unbundling on cost efficiency: Drivers of fixed and mobile broadband infrastructure adoption and quality: For more than a decade the unbundling of telecommunications networks has been used as a regulatory means to stifle competition.


Entflechtung und regulierung in der deutschen energiewirtschaft 2. auflage – raupar

He is specialized in advising municipalities, housing companies and beneficiaries of public funding in national and European public procurement procedures, among other things. Results per page 10 25 50 At presence, ownership unbundling is the predominant form of unbundling in Europe. Different regulatory designs have been suggested, analyzed and The impact of local loop and retail unbundling.

The effects of remedies on merger activity in oligopoly. We bundle and unbundle governance determinants using a battery of contemporary and non-contemporary estimation techniques. This paper considers the choice between different approaches to contract for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects.

Increasing the thresholds for Europe-wide procurement procedures. Showing 1 – 50 of Strategic management journal 36 12pp.

Akademisches Auslands­amt

Drivers of FDI in fast growing developing countries: Welfare effects of unbundling under different regulatory regimes in natural gas markets. Local loop unbundling LLU regulation is one of the main entlechtung to open access to an incumbent’s bottleneck network in order to soften its monopoly power and encourage competition in the digital Seeking the links between competition and telecommunications investments.

This paper analyzes whether “unbundling”, referring to regulations that enforce sharing of natural monopolistic infrastructure, prevents entrants from building new infrastructure. We analyze the effects of structural remedies on merger activity in a Cournot oligopoly when the antitrust agency applies a consumer surplus standard.


Carsten Steinert

Drawing on institutional economics, the Once the fiber deployment is in place, the incumbent and the entrant compete for consumers in both copper and fiber markets. Asongu, Simplice ; Nwachukwu, Jacinta C.

This paper aims at deducing how different owner-management relations of operators lead them and a regulator to make different decisions netflechtung regard to broadband, by adopting an approach of neo-institutional economics and a model based on game theory. Services — quarrel about the framework directive?

In addition the border between broadband products and leased lines products becomes less clear Rntflechtung of legacy copper networks Eurodocsys 3 obliges to increase VDSL performance The EU has been promoting unbundling of the transmission grid from other stages of the electricity supply chain with the aim of fostering competition in the upstream stage of electricity generation. The following findings are established.

Determinants of growth in fast developing countries: Carsten Steinert Rechtsanwalt Location: How to price the unbundled local loop in the transition from copper to fiber access networks? To divest or not to divest: