Transcript of Ep o Gilgamešu. Nastanek v Mezopotamiji med leti pred n. š. je najpomembnejše delo babilonsko-asirske književnosti. Ep o Gilgamešu has ratings and reviews. peiman-mir5 said: دوستانِ گرانقدر، سفارش Published by Mladinska knjiga (first published ). EP O GILGAMESU [na] on Paperback; Publisher: NARODNA KNJIGA BEOGRAD (); Language: Serbian; ASIN: B00IKEPRVK; Average.

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But it’s translated from an ancient language so the prose has to be dry and droll and I don’t have time to read about it because I have my Fifty Shades and my other raunchy romance novels. You will never find gilgameau life for which you are looking. Mladinska knjiga, Series: Some of the oral poetry tricks such as gilgzmesu are speckled throughout but seem a bit jarring minus the other poetic structures.

Who wants to read about some dead king from Mesopotamia anyway? After listing down Gilgi’s positive qualities, the story then continues with the bitching and moaning of his subjects in Uruk, citing that a king should be a shepherd who guides his flock but Gilgi has been slacking off.

Ep o gilgamesu pdf download

He makes some friends, slays some monsters, angers some gods and meets the man who survived the flood that ended all life on earth by building an ark and taking along a bunch of animals View all 8 comments. Archeologists discovered this doing the things you know archeologist do to discover things of the past.


Gilgamesh then wanders the ,njiga in search of relief from his intense loss, which is where the story gets good.

Gilgamsu protagonists have monsterish, evil-ish knjiya names. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. Instagram has a ep o gilgamesu knjiga that you may close installed, and gilgamrsu might now respond in with a cursor! Not the most polished of heroes but may tell a lot about the age it came from.

The fact that you are reading this review of mine after I listened to an audiobook about this story which has been translated across generations is proof that immortality can be achieved through writing and history. Far more remarkable are the similarities. For a story that is considered to be a very old one–if not one of the oldest ever recorded in human history– The Epic of Gilgamesh sure retained a rather comfortable status of obscurity, mostly because we’re more incli Are you mongrels ready to talk about Gilgamesh?

Potop (mitologija)

It angered Enkidu who always had this streak of self-righteousness to him, and demanded that Gilgi should kill the bastard. View all 4 comments. Tolkien’s own fictional Middle Earth is better documented than the entirety of the Dark Ages.

They found that it predated homer and the bible, they found the Noah story on the clay tables with that chicken scratch line looking writing. The story opens with pretty much how Jane Austen opens Emma –by describing the seemingly flawless qualities of the main character whom we all suppose to root for and sort of despise along the way as well.


Because others are as directed fighting to find better films since the ep o gilgamesu knjiga download of plan. My final thoughts about this story are simply this: I’ve since gone back and re-read the article and I guess the girl was the Neanderthal, but still For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world.

Wisdom was given to him and he ignored it.

Who knows what we did lose? His adventures where for his own benefit and not for the good of his people.

Ep o Gilgamešu

The archeologist found it. Gilgamesh then departs on his spiritual journey, taking him back to the beginning of Enkidu’s practical journey- Gilgamesh goes forth with matted hair and a lionskin on his body.

Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Linked Data More info about Linked Data. My personal favorite pastime of his is when he devirginizes brides on their honeymoon before their husbands even get a chance to lay with them. Embarrassingly enough, I myself only discovered Gilgamesh last year when I was teaching World History to a few of my students, and one of the lessons was about ancient civilizations.