EPA FORM 8700-12 PDF

Instructions and Form for Hazardous Waste Generators, Transporters, Facilities to Obtain an EPA Identification Number (EPA Form ). EPA Form , A/B, Page __ of __. United States Environmental Protection Agency. RCRA SUBTITLE C SITE IDENTIFICATION FORM. Reason for Submittal: □ To provide an Initial Notification (first time submitting site identification information / to obtain an EPA ID number for this location).

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The guidelines for obtaining a number can be found in the Notification of Regulated Waste Activity instruction booklet. Reportable and non-reportable wastes Form for recipients of Biennial Report letter who did not generate, store, treat or dispose of hazardous waste. Click on the hand on the Tool Bar.

Requires a CDX account. To convert this form to open in older versions of Excel download this program.

If the Excel spreadsheet does not open correctly use this form. The Biennial Report covers odd numbered calendar years, and is due by March 1st of even numbered years, the Report will be due March 1, Links to pages outside of the DEQ Pages will open in a new window. EPA ID number if you transport or treat, store, or dispose of hazardous waste.


Large Quantity Generator Inspection Checklist. When reporting a spill, release or environmental crime through the spill hotline, be prepared with as much of the following information as 8070-12 See the table below about options for 87000-12 and submitting this form. EPA ID number if you are a generator of hazardous waste, or if you are a handler of universal waste or used oil. This form cannot be completed using Acrobat Reader and is best viewed in Acrobat Version 6 or higher.

Material s chemical, product, or common name. In Oklahoma, large quantity generators must obtain a Disposal Plan see below. A letter will be mailed January explaining how to complete the forms. When reporting a spill, release or environmental crime through the spill hotline, be prepared with as much of the following information as possible:.

Ohio EPA utilizes U. Hazards extremely hazardous substance, placard, materials safety data sheet [MSDS]. When the hand is over an area that will accept data, it changes to an I-bar.

You will also be required to obtain a U. Effective October 1, applications must use the current application form.

Form only If you have Acrobat Reader, you can complete the form using the hand tool. Miscellaneous Units Permitting Checklist. Over a check box, it changes to 8700-112 pointing finger. Contacts on scene responder cell phone number, responsible party, contractor, facility point of contact.


Small Quantity Generator Inspection Checklist.

Notification of Regulated Waste Activity

Acrobat Reader Version e;a Click and choose save as. It provides a quicker turn-around and email notifications are issued at each step of the process.

Hazardous Waste Transporter Registration. Ohio Eps spill hotline should be used to report release of any material that impacts public health or the environment, including chemicals and petroleum products.

RCRA Notification of Regulated Waste Activity (EPA Form 8700-12)

Containment Building Inspection Checklist. Division of Environmental Response and Revitalization Phone: The regulated community should use the main division number for routine business.

Completed forms should be sent to Kevin Courtney. You may need a U. This is an all-electronic process with no need to mail the Site ID Form.

New Mexico Environment Department Hazardous Waste Bureau

Then run the exe file. Box Columbus, OH Storage Tank Inspection Corm. BoxColumbus, OH, For paper-based submissions, the Certification Section on page 3 needs to be signed before the form is mailed.