A ver si alguno conoce alguna gueb o direccion donde haya partituras de jazz, especialmente para un grupo begin Bem Vindo a ETHOS BRASIL!.url. Feito com amor em Belo Horizonte © – , mil músicas, milhões de pessoas cadastradas. O maior site de ensino de música do Brasil. Parceiro. He has released several CDs in Brazil, Germany and Uruguay, featuring solo .. Recorded by Daniel Wolff on the CD The Right Seasons (Brazil, Ethos, ).

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Incredible sound and virtuosity. Wolff and the ComTrastos Quartet in Brazil. Suite compiled from homonymous the movie soundtrack, including works by M.

The entire CD is a real tour-de force. Also performed by the Quinta Essentia quartet. Arranged for voice, choir and string orchestra. Transcribed for voice and guitar original for voice and piano. Premiered by the Manhattan School of Music Orchestra.

Published by Verlag Neue Musik. Published by Trekel Verlag. Performed by the Musitrio in Brazil and recorded in Musitrio Kinematic. Arranged for voice, flute and string orchestra. Performed by various big bands in Brazil and the United States. A virtuoso soloist, his playing displays grace and elegance.


A version not a reduction of the Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra for clarinet and piano. He wrote a number of works for the Camerata Consort, of which he was Conductor and Artistic Director. Commissioned by guitarist Song Won An. Transcribed for voice and two guitars original for voice and orchestra.

Ellwanger Seiva do Peitoby O. These have received warm reviews worldwide, plus three entries for the Grammy Awards and a number of prizes in Brazil. Premiered by Luciana Kiefer and Daniel Wolff. The performance was flawless. While my Guitar Gently Weeps G.

Each movement uses a different guitar tuning scordatura. Wolff and Max Uriarte. Premiered by the ComTrastos Quartet. Arranged for choro ensemble and string quartet. Transcribed for flute and guitar original for harpsichord. Premiered by the Camerata Consort, cond.

Transcribed for string orchestra original for piano. Published by Tre Fontane.

Transcribed for chamber ensemble. Performed by Gary Dranch in Brazil and Argentina.


Artillery | Cifra Club

Braail short waltz, reminiscent of the style of Ernesto Nazareth. Brasol originally as a lead sheet. Arranged for jazz nonet. Transcribed for cello and guitar original for cello and piano. He has also published articles in specialized periodicals in England, Brazil, Germany and the United States. Transcribed for four guitars original for string orchestra. Arranged for flute and cello.

Deeply talented on the art of arrangements and transcriptions. Wolff and Jorge Morel in New York.

Casa dos Músicos :: Instrumentos Musicais e Acessórios :: Livros de Música e Partituras

Arranged for three guitars and string orchestra. Written for the Camerata Consort ensemble. A midi version is available here. Arranged for wind quintet. Commissioned and premiered by Joel Betton and the Landeszupforchester Berlin. Transcribed for four guitars original for cello ensemble.