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At this point the Total Energy Control system rapidly reduces the energy output from the gun as it further eurootec the product. Poor cleaning of substrate e. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

May be used to connect additional control units. This equipment can be dangerous unless it is used in accordance with the instructions laid down in this manual. If the supply is between 00v and 30v, reset the selector switch on the rear panel to v. The construction is of a robust design with a low centre of gravity and is transported on large conductive castors.

Always turn off the unit and unplug More information. Please pay particular More information.

Mehaaniline armatuuri lõikur C6 22

Do not enter spray booths when in operation. Contamination of substrate, powder, air supply or from dirty surroundings. Use a suitable industrial vacuum cleaner for clothing and wash skin with water.


Failure to follow the safety rules and other basic More information. Special wiring is needed for battery cables More information.

Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can injury or property damage. The cutting surotec acting transversely on the part can be equalised by the two independently programmable platten. Eirotec Dilution – bar 30 psi venturi dilution; controls mixture ratio of powder to air from venturi to the gun. Maier has also worked on the main spindle motor and offers optionally up to 15 KW power, water cooling and optional clamping system.

Power transmission between the control unit and spray gun is by a highly flexible, sealed cable assembly.

Disconnect the fluidising airline at the in-line quick release connector on the venturi bracket. Contamination of compressed air supply. If gloves are worn, they should be anti-static or non-insulating. Calvin Erotec 1 years ago Views: Check that miniature circuit breaker automatic fuses on the bottom panel of the control unit have not been tripped.

A non fluidising suction tube is also available as an additional option if required, as many powders will spray quite satisfactorily without the need of local fluidising.

Controls air supply to ‘powder delivery’, ‘powder dilution’, and ‘vibrator’ pressure regulators see Pressure Regulators and Guages.

All personnel working in a powder-laden atmosphere should wear similar equipment. Lift the articulated arm until the spring loaded retaining catch locks into position. Pre-heating of the workpiece may help to overcome this. General Direct Boxfeed Manual Unit: Shoes with leather soles are usually adequate.


Do not re-use any fasteners More information. Regularly check the compressed air supply to ensure that it is clean and dry. This electrostatic discharge can seriously damage other electronic equipment if it is sited in close proximity and not suitably protected.

Place new box of powder onto unit base.

eurotec in Tools & Collectable Hardware | eBay

Plumbing repairs are seldom dangerous unless leaking water is soaking areas where there are electrical More information. Read this manual completely before installing and operating the equipment.

Failure to follow the safety rules and other basic. Ensure that the operator is correctly earthed. The latter model uses a special guide bush and can be transformed in just 20 minutes. Ensure that correct cleaning procedures are followed. If the earthing is not adequate, this can result in: Inferior quality or powder.

Plumbing repairs are seldom dangerous unless leaking water is soaking areas where there are electrical. Wash hands and face after work and prior to eating or drinking.