Mullins’ New History of the Jews has 10 ratings and 0 reviews. Throughout the history of civilization, one particular problem of mankind has remained co. Mullins’ New History of the Jews. by Eustace Mullins. Throughout the history of civilization, one particular problem of mankind has remained constant. In all of the. New history of the Jews. Author. Mullins, Eustace, Published. Staunton, Va.: International Institute of Jewish Studies, []. Physical Description.

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The two themes of Jewish history are blood and gold, and every practice of the Jews is inextricably bound up with these two factors. In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up.

Jews are extremely loyal to one another, always ready to show compassion, but towards every other people they feel hisyory hate and enmity. And when they were assembled with the elders, and had taken counsel, they gave large money unto the soldiers, Say- ing Say ye, His disciples came by night, and stole Him away while we slept.

A Jew named Hilsner confessed to the murder and implicated two other Jews. Young people today, their heads turned by this flood-tide of Jewish filth, find it difficult to hear the message of Jesus Christ.

Open to the public ; The Jew does not euatace to do so because his first concern is his own security.

Mullins’ New History of the Jews – Eustace Mullins – Google Books

This identification, one on which the Jews have always in- sisted for this very reason, was that of circumcision. Consequently, the Jews formed a wealthy and powerful ruling class in Babylon, and they devoted their time and money to formulating a Jewish ethic, which was written down as the Babylonian Talmud.

And always the Jews are dickering abroad with the enemies of the gentile host, never deviating from their pattern of sub- version and betrayal. Consequently, the Jews for centuries have had a rule that any gentile who found out the eusatce of the Talmud, or who possessed a copy of it, must be instantly killed.

In the case of the Huguenots, the refugees provided the stock from which came most of the leading thinkers of the American Revolution. It was here, as Kastein says, that the Jews brought about the disintegration of Hellenic civilization. We have already pointed out that the host hsitory, in some five thousand years, has never been able to dislodge the Jewish parasites through the common biological reactions of panic, anger and violence.


Mullins’ New History of the Jews by Eustace Mullins

Another, to whom I gave a contract has never paid the agreed royalty. These rec- ords are made available only to Jewish-approved scholars who can be depended on not to reveal what they find out. He found common ground with Pound in their extreme anti-Semitism. The history of the Jews demonstrates two things; first, that there has never been a reconciliation between them and their hosts; second, that no nation has ever succeeded in barring them permanently.

Frantic efforts were made to railroad several poverty-stricken and ill-educated gentiles to the electric chair, but no evidence could be manufactured a- gainst them which would hold up in court, and they were re- leased.

Therefore he found Christ innocent, but in order not to incur the wrath of the Off leaders, he sent his prisoner to Herod.

Amazingly enough, there is not a single, so-called Christian minister in the United States who is willing to stand before his congregation and raise this question. He also must be young- er than the age of puberty, because the Jews’ believe that the blood becomes impure after the beginning of puberty. The fish in the lakes and rivers die, and worms, insects and reptiles breed prolifically. None of your libraries hold this item.

In all of the vast records of peace and wars and rumors of wars, one great empire after another has had to come to grips with the same dilemma In every nation which falls without a struggle, the Jews rush out to welcome the invaders. There is no need to kill the Jews. If gentiles could read the Jewish holy book, their Tal- mud, and find out something about the Jewish religion, they would really become anti-Semitic, news this book is filled with vile names for Jesus Christ, descriptions of weird sexual rites, and formulas for cursing the gentiles.

He brings his wits, and he brings his determination to remain in the host country, in spite of all efforts to dislodge him. Yhe, Ezekiel, 36, verses Often he brings great prosperity, but only for a short time, and through reckless waste, such as the wilful destruction of natural resources, suicidal ventures into foreign wars, and debauching nfw young people so that they are unable to raise healthy families.


Rome was the center of wealth of the world. We do not know exactly what happened, but we do know that the empire fell. Anansi marked it as to-read Nov 23, Also, they could not conceal the body and hide their crime, for the Talmud forbids the burial of a gentile “beast”. He meant that they were a kullins who had failed to develop since the Stone Age, thf their primitive clay pots prove to us. Sentinel marked it as to-read Jun 04, Lists with This Book.

About Eustace Clarence Mullins. Chris Greenlee marked it as to-read Nov 26, Throughout nature, one can see ani- mals and fish darting about erratically, flinging themselves into the air, and making wild gyrations.

Now that many civilizations had fallen prey to the Jews, what recourse did humanity have? The Romans mjllins again and again to get rid of them.

Mullins’ New History of the Jews

The power of the Jews was such that no Roman politician dared to attack them. They produced no art, founded no dynasties, built no great cities, and, alone of ancient peoples, had no talent for the finer things of civilized life.

Typical was the fate of Babylon.

The Jews paved the way for the conquerors. That is exactly what Manetho wrote eusrace the fall of Egypt to the Hyksos in- vaders. One organization reprinted five of my books several years ago, and has never paid one penny royalty.

And here too, one finds the facts about the assassination of Julius Caesar. However, there were many strange punctures on the bodies, which could not be explained. This single location in All: Consequently, many critics of the Jews are slain in these terrible eustsce. Without exception, these are men suddenly come into good fortune, and without exception, their good fortune can be traced to the Jews. Rather than endure this slavery, they petitioned 25 the Pharaoh to let them return to Palestine, and, resume their tne of nomadic banditry.

It is only in books published by the Jews themselves that one discovers these little-known facts.